The great platform to watch the best HBO shows “Game of Thrones”, “The Leftovers”, “Westworld” without glued to the television is HBO Go. This service is free for HBO subscribers and allows watching movies and shows through a web browser on your mobile phone and laptops.

It is the best technique to watch your favorite show offline. That’s why; we also bring some best ways to use HBO Go offline so that you watch best shows and movies without paying big data charges.

How does HBO Go work?

Officially HBO Go doesn’t allow offline viewing, therefore to use it in a place where you don’t have an internet connection or cellular connection; you need to use third-party solutions. Two best options available for this are

PlayOn: This method work on a Windows PC, all you just need is to pay for the PlayOn Application Windows version. After that, you easily download shows or series on your laptops or computers and transfer them to your mobile phones.

PlayOn Cloud: It method directly use iPhone and Android application. All you need is to pay a small fee whenever you record something.

What is PlayOn?

PlayOn is one of the best options to download HBO Go movies and television shows. It works as a digital video recorder that record everything on your Windows PC, all you need is to transfer it on your mobile phone in which you wish to see movies or shows.

What is PlayOn Cloud?

Another but best option to watch HBO Go movies and shows is PlayOn Cloud. It works on your Android and iOS phones and doesn’t require PC. All it needs is to pay a nominal fee every time you download something.

Steps to Use HBO Go offline with the help of PlayOn

Step1: Search PlayOn/download and tap on the free version. When the app is installed completely, tap on save option.

Step2: Once the installation is complete, launch the application. Then tap on next until you read the entire start guide or simply close a quick start window and move to the next step.

Step3: Sign-in to PlayOn, either using your Facebook account or creating a new PlayOn account.


Step4: Tap on channels

Step5: Locate and tap on HBO Go

Step6: Tap on Open Settings

Step7: Find HBO Go from the list of channels available in the channels tab and tap on sig-in.

Step8: A new window open, enter your television provider information, username, password, and tap to Login again.

Step9: Now HBO Go opens in PlayOn browser. Verify to watch videos and tap on OK.

Step10: Find out a movie or show you want to download and tap on record.

Step11: Use Send iTunes button to copy recorded show on iPhone and iPad or use Windows Explorer to record the show on Android phones.

Steps to Use HBO Go offline with the help of PlayOn Cloud

Step1: Download or install the PlayOn Cloud app

Step2: Once installed, launch the app and click Skip

Step3: Click HBO Go

Step4: Choose your service provider and enter its details such as username, password, etc. and click on Login.

Step5: Find the movie or show you want to download for offline viewing or either use genre navigation option to see all available options

Step6: Click Record

Step7: Sign-in to PlayOn account using Facebook or opening a new account.

Step8: Two options open, click on “Got it. Please do it!”

Step9: Choose your recording pack, tap continue and finish your purchase.

Step10: With the help of good Wi-Fi and internet connection download shows and watch it later on.