With the airing of its 139th episode on March 29, 2015, Heartland surpassed Street Legal as the longest-running one-hour scripted drama in Canadian television history. We all know that long TV shows have a tiring effect on the audience after a certain amount of seasons. But Heartland is one of the longest Canadian TV shows to air. The show was released in 2007 and is ongoing even in 2022.

It may seem a little bit extravagant to keep up a show for 15 seasons, but it is hard work. And to be a little extra, you’d think the producers might call off after 15 seasons, but that’s not the case. There have been rumours that the show might be renewed for one more season.



For those who don’t know what the show is about, let me give you a brief about the storyline. The show is originally based on the Heartland book series by Lauren Brooke. The lead character Amy Fleming played by Amber Marshall practices natural horsemanship (a healing method to treat horses). She is quite good at this and learnt it from her mother Marion who dies in a tragic accident. Since then Amy lives with her grandfather Jack played by Shaun Johnston, at their horse ranch “Heartland”. With her mother’s death may have to deal with her estranged father Tim played by Chris Potter and his daughter Samantha Louise or “Lou” Fleming Morris played by Michelle Morgan. Another character Ty Borden played by Graham Wardle plays Amy’s love interest throughout the season.

Why watch the Heartland…?

You may be wondering what’s so different about Heartland, the plot and the character all seem the same, but there’s a difference. Any show starts as “just something to watch while I eat” yes that’s how everyone starts a series. But over a period of time, we get attached to the characters and their problems, might as well say that character becomes our comfort character.

The lead in this show Amy, is somewhat of a comfort character to many. The series gradually shows Amy’s growth and many can relate to that. It is quite fascinating to see how the fifteen-year-old Amy deals with the loss of her mother, the unexpected return of her father, the sudden involvement of an older sister and her grandfather’s rage towards her father. And if you don’t relate to her, there are so many different personalities to choose from. In the end, a successful series is where the audience feels a connection with the characters.

Some might feel pity towards the father who is trying to make things right with his daughter, trying to handle his father-in-law’s rage and making sure his other daughter doesn’t feel left out all the while grieving his wife’s death. Older siblings might also relate to Lou, as she too has got a responsibility of a younger sister who has just suffered from a tragic accident. Even the grandfather who even tho has so much hatred towards Tim still wants a secure future for his granddaughter.

Like I said there’s so much to choose from in Heartland. And such variety creates a balance in the series keeping the audience glued till the very end. Maybe you are not the type of person to watch family drama but I’m sure this might become your first.

Can we expect season 16?

Whether Season 16 will happen or not depends entirely on CBC’s judgment of demand for the series. CBC is the Canadian network that hosts the show and has been funding the development of Heartland from day one. Even though we don’t know if there is a renewal of the series but there also isn’t any news about cancelling the show.

Ty and Amy in Heartland

Some think that because of the loss of one of the main characters the show might be cancelled. In season 14 we witness the death of Amy’s husband Ty originally her love interest at the start of the show. Many stopped watching the show altogether because of his death. But the show takes a turn with may continuing her life as strong as she was before.

Altogether the show still has an 8.4/10 rating on IMDB which makes it more likely for season 16, so fingers crossed!

Last Update: April 26, 2022