Hoarders has been trending on Netflix for the past few days. Read on to find out where you can watch all the episodes of the trending series right now!

Hoarders– Where to watch all the seasons?

With new content releasing on Netflix almost everyday, choosing what to watch and what not to can be often confusing. At such times, having a glance at the top 10 trending list on Netflix can be quite an easy way to discover new and amazing shows. So, if you have been wondering what to watch on Netflix too then Hoarders might be a good pick for you.

Hoarders is a reality tv show that was added to Netflix on April 1 and has made its way to the top 10 trending list really soon. Have you already binged watched the show? Or are you planning to watch it? Either ways, read on to find out more about Hoarders and where you can watch all of its seasons.

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What is Hoarders all about?

Hoarders is a reality television series that was first premiered on A&E in the year 2009 and has been trending on Netflix recently. This reality show focuses on people who suffer from hoarding disorder. Hoarding disorder refers to a mental illness that is characterized by persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of their actual value. The show is really loved by viewers all across the world owing to which several seasons of it have been made over the years.
Each episode of Hoarders follows a different individual or family as they work with professional organizers, therapists, and cleaning crews to declutter and clean their homes. The show provides a glimpse into the lives of people struggling with hoarding disorder and the emotional toll it takes on them and their loved ones . It is an eye opening series that lets us explore more about the hardly understood mental illness. Overall, Hoarders is an amazing reality series that you should definitely watch if you haven’t watched it yet!

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How many seasons of Hoarders are there?

There are a total of 13 seasons and 148 episodes of the popular reality tv series Hoarders. The first season of the show was released on 2009 and its last season was released in 2021.

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How many seasons of Hoarders is available on Netflix?

Hoarders is a popular reality series that started about 17 years ago and has been receiving amazing response from the viewers all across the world even now. The popular reality tv show that sheds light on a highly stigmatized mental illness is finally available on Netflix now.

The reality series was added to Netflix on April 1, 2023. And it has soon made its way to the top 10 trending list on the popular streaming platform. However, only the 12th season of the reality show is available on Netflix now. There are a total of 12 episodes in the reality show which means you can easily binge watch it in no time.

There has been no news about the other seasons of the reality show coming to Netflix. However, looking at the amazing response the reality series received from viewers all across the world, we can expect the remaining seasons of the show to soon be available for streaming on Netflix in the coming months

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Where can I watch all the seasons of Hoarders?

If you are one of those people who binged watch Hoarders on Netflix and don’t have patience to wait till the other seasons arrive on it then we’ve got you. If you are a fan of the Hoarders series and looking to catch up on previous seasons, there are still plenty of options available for streaming all the seasons of the reality series.

Since the reality tv show originally premiered on A&E, you can find all the seasons of the show on the A&E website. You have to get a subscription of the online streaming service in order to stream all the seasons of the show. You can also watch exclusive content about the show that you won’t find anywhere else on the A&E website.

The other platforms where you can watch all the episodes or all the seasons of the show are:

Sling Tv

Pluto TV


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Will there be a season 14 of Hoarders?

As of now, there has been no official news regarding the making of the 14th season of the popular reality show that has been highly praised as well as received many criticisms. The previous 13 seasons of Hoarders were quite a success. And even after years of its release, the show is trending on Netflix yet again.

Looking at how the last season of the show was released almost three years ago but it is still talked about today, we can expect the show makers to renew the reality show for its 14th season soon. So, we could guess there is still a hope that there will be a season 14 of Hoarders.

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