Amazon Prime’s psychological thriller series “Homecoming” is back with more mystery and interesting drama in the new season.

Based on the podcast of the same name, the series in its first season focuses on Heidi Bergman (Julia Roberts), therapist or social worker at the Homecoming Transitional Support Center, established by Geist Group. The rehabilitation is a home for the soldiers who come back from overseas wars. It helps soldiers to transition to civilian life. But the reality is different; soldiers who live there are fed medicated food that erases their memory altogether. They do not remember anything, only there is a space spanning several years. Heidi falls in love with a soldier Walter Cruz (Stephan James). She comes to know what wrong was done with him and others and decides to quit. She overdoses herself and Cruz with the medicine.

Season second of the series also showing the same world with the eyes of a new character, Janelle Monae, a woman who when wake up finds herself adrift in a rowboat in the middle of a lake. She is totally unaware of how she comes on the boat and who she is. She tries to figure out what happened to her and how she comes there.

Directed by 13 Reason why director Kyle Patrick Alvarez, the new season comes up with best storyline and dialogs, like its previous season. It is full of mysterious twists and turns. Details related to the second season are mentioned in this blog, along with watch and download links.

Homecoming Season 2: Episodes

Amazon Prime Video original web series contains a total of seven binge watch episodes, directed by Kyle Patrick Alvarez and written by Micah Bloomberg, Eli Horowitz, Zachary Wigon, Sarah Carbiener, Erica Rosbe, Casallina Kisakye, Evan Wright, and Patrick MacManus. The list of the episodes mentioned below.

Episode1: People

Episode2: Giant

Episode3: Previously

Episode4: Soap

Episode5: Meters

Episode6: Needle

Episode7: Again

Where to watch this new season?

Homecoming season 2 is premiered on May 22, 2020, on the best video streaming channel Amazon Prime Video. So, if you have its subscription, then watch and download this series there.

Otherwise try its free plan and other important and easily affordable plans that cost $8.99 per month and $107.88 a year.

Homecoming Season 2: Cast

The cast of Homecoming season 2 does not include Julia Roberts and Sam Esmail direction but it added a new charming character in the cast Janelle Monae as Jackie/ Alex. The other old and new character that joined the cast is Hong Chau as Audrey Temple, an ambitious Giest Employee, Stephan James as Walter Cruz, the former soldier who tried to recollect memories that the drugs took from him, Chris Cooper as Leonard Geist, the company’s founder, Bobby Cannavale as Colin Belfast, Alex Karpovsky as Craig, Brooke Bloom as Pam Bailey, Tyler Ritter as Lane, Mary Holland as Wendy, Jimmy Bellinger as Chad and others.

Homecoming Season 2: Trailer

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