Hostel Daze, a new young adult comedy-drama series is coming on Amazon Prime soon. The upcoming series, different from normal college drama like Student of the Year and 3 idiots, take you to the real journey of Indian students, as they learn to survive & thrive the ‘hostel life.

This new Amazon Prime Video and The Viral Fever (TVF) partnered series is a laughter ride through the corridors of hostel life that celebrates the (mis) adventures of four students and wing-mates, brought together by fate. What follows is a friendship forged together by terrible seniors, innocent love, aching heartbreaks, and falling grades.

Creator, director and executive producer of top-rated Hindi language web series “Kota Factory” Saurabh Khanna, Raghav Subbu, and Sameer Saxena has headed this new comedy-drama with other team members. They once again team up and try to create a light-hearted series that alive all hostel memories for people who already lived it, who are living it and who are preparing to live it.

Hostel Daze: Trailer

The teaser trailer of the Amazon original show introduced four Hostel Daze characters Nikhil Vijay playing “Jhantoo” Jatin, who is studying in the college much longer time than we think, Luv playing Chirag “Genius “ Bansal, a shy and anxious kid, Shubham Gaur playing Rupesh “Bhains Buddhi” Bhati, a rich dad guy who is in college due to father donation and Adarsh Gaurav playing Ankit “Dopa” Pandey, who is in love with a girl.

When it is premiere on Amazon Prime Video?

As per Amazon prime announcement, Hostel Daze will be premiere on Amazon Prime Video on December 13, 2019.

Where to watch and download Hostel Daze episodes?

Each episode of this interesting Indian web series will be available on Amazon Prime Video. You can also watch online and download this real-life comedy from the Hard2Know website.

Synopsis of the Series

Hostel Daze is a new drama produced by two best popular comedy authorities, Amazon Prime Video and The Viral Fever. It focuses on four boys- Chirag, Ankit, Jaat, and Jhaatu, who started their college cum hostel life. The story shows the adventures, challenges, and problems they face to survive in the hostel and college. It shows their strong bonds, new learning or experience that helps to find them their true identities. The new series shows their new phase of life and a sweet home away from home with random rules and regulations.