HBO is coming up with another new series or prequel of Game of Thrones titled House of Dragon. As per the announcement, the series is all about House Targaryen and shows various action, adventure and mysterious as we have seen in the previous HBO series.

Based on George RR Martin’s 2019 book “Fire and Blood”, the new series shows the history of House Targaryen (the ancestors of Daenerys) and the bloody Civil war that pulls Westeros apart over 100 years before. This ten-episode interesting project is set almost 300 years before when the popular series “Game of Thrones” event occurs.

The news comes out just after it was reported that another Game of Thrones prequel, focusing Naomi Watts, has been shelved by the network after lengthy post-production on the pilot and issues during a shooting in Northern Ireland.

Who is making this new HBO show?

House of the Dragon story will be written by famous science-fiction show (Colony) writer Ryan Condal. Martin also appreciates the hard work of three more people who help in the development of the show i.e. Claire Kiechel, a playwright who works in Netflix famous series “OA” and HBO series “Watchmen”, Wes Tooker, a writer of the series Colony and Ti Mikkel, the assistant writer at a Martin own company.

Miguel Sapochnik, one of the finest directors, who direct the Battle of Bastards and The Long Night episodes in Game of Thrones, is directed the amazing and interesting episodes of this original HBO show.

When the series will be coming on HBO?

HBO executive, Casey Bloys in an event announced that this all-new action-packed drama show will be streaming on HBO on coming May 2020.

House of the Dragons: Logo

The logo of this new spin-off show is shared with hashtags like #houseofdragon, #Gameofthrones, and @HBO.