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How to change Netflix Region without VPN

How to change Netflix Region without VPN

Most of them keep asking these 2questions. First, How to change Netflix Region without VPN? and second, How to change the Netflix region with a VPN?. So if you are here for the 1st method then read this post completely and you will be able to achieve what you are here for!. In order to do that without a VPN, you have a method of using a Smart DNS service. Let me explain it clearly!…

Change Region without a VPN

Before we get into the further proceedings, it is important for you to understand the Differences between VPN & PROXY.

A proxy does not encrypt your data, so it is not secure. If online privacy is important to you, we’d strongly recommend using a reputable VPN provider to change your Netflix region.

Netflix offers a different selection of movies, documentaries, and TV shows to subscribers in different countries. That means the content you can watch on Netflix changes depending on the country you’re in.

Using a proxy service isn’t the only possible way to access different Netflix libraries without the use of a VPN. While none of them will encrypt your data and keep you safe, some of the alternative ways to change your Netflix region include:

  • Smart DNS. It’s actually very similar to proxies, except your IP address stays the same. Unlike a VPN, the setup of a proxy server is manual, meaning you’ll have to add DNS server addresses yourself.
  • Proxy website: They’re usually free but not as secure as a VPN. As a matter of fact, free proxies can even monitor your data or sell it to third parties. Because they’re free, anyone can use them which can result in an overcrowded server that becomes slow.

Use a DNS proxy to change the region on Netflix

you can use a Smart DNS proxy to change the region on Netflix. Smart DNS allows you to unblock streaming services without hiding your IP address. While a DNS proxy has less impact on your Internet speed, a VPN can keep you anonymous and secure.

The setup of a Smart DNS proxy is manual. This means that you’ll have to adjust the settings on your device and set the servers yourself. Meanwhile, a VPN can give you a more seamless experience as all you have to do is pick a server and click on it.

DNS proxy can have less impact on speed performance, a quality VPN service will not visibly affect your speed either. 

  1. Sign up for a Smart DNS service. We recommend Control D or ExpressVPN’s MediaStreamer.
  2. Register your IP address by following the relevant instructions on the provider’s website. If they ask you to enter it manually, use this tool: What Is My IP Address tool.
  3. Get the appropriate DNS server addresses. You can usually find these in the provider’s My Account section.
  4. Open the Network Settings on your device.
  5. Find the DNS Settings. They are usually under an “Advanced” or “Manual” tab.
  6. Input the DNS server addresses your provider has given you. Click confirm.
  7. Restart your device. The Smart DNS service will activate once you reconnect to the internet.

That is it! Isn’t that simple?? So this method is yours now… Good Luck!

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