Are you looking for a way to delete twitter account? If yes, here is your answer to “how to delete my twitter account“.

How to delete my twitter account

Twitter is a popular social networking platform that keeps us updated with all the “happenings” of the world. It is quite a fun app to use. However, there could be times when you might want to delete twitter account.

There can be several reasons why one might want to get rid of their twitter account. Let’s be honest scrolling twitter can be quite time consuming at times. One might want to get rid of the twitter account to avoid wasting time. Or, one might simply be bored of the blue bird app. There can be several reasons why you could want to delete your twitter account. And so, the question arises- how to delete my twitter account?

Are you wondering “how to delete my twitter account” too? In case you want to delete your account permanently from the social networking platform, but do not know how to do it, we’ve got you!

We have listed down the simple step by step guide on “how to delete my twitter account” just for you!

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What is Deactivating twitter account?

Deactivating twitter account and deleting it, although similar, are not the same. When you deactivate your twitter account, you can still access it by simply logging in to your account again.

When you deactivate your twitter account, your old tweets and other data will be still accessible to you when you reactivate it again. Twitter gives you an option to temporarily deactivate your twitter account for up to 30 days.

Deactivating you twitter account is a great way of getting rid of your account for a short period without actually deleting it.

Deleting your twitter account on the other hand is more of a permanent solution to ” how to delete my twitter account “. When you delete your account, you will no longer be able to access it or log in to it again. All your tweets and more will be permanently deleted by Twitter. However, you must bear in mind that some of your personal information might still appear or be publically visible.

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Is there any direct option of deleting your account permanently?

No, there is no direct option of deleting your twitter account permanently right away. Although there is no direct option of deleting your account permanently right away, the process of deleting it is still a simple one.

You will not find any option to delete twitter account permanently in the twitter app or website. The only way in which you can permanently delete your twitter account is by deactivating it.

On deactivating your twitter account, your account will be “deactivated” and not “deleted” for the following 30 days. This deactivating account is an important feature of the Twitter app.

This feature was introduced with the aim of giving users a second chance at redeeming their twitter accounts. Many a time, we often end up deleting our social media accounts on a whim and regret it later. And then later, we end up creating new ones for the same platform.

To avoid this issue, the deactivate account feature of twitter gives you a time period of 30 days during which you can decide whether you really want to permanently remove your account or not.

If you do not wish to delete twitter account anytime during the 30 days waiting period, you can simply reactivate it. Your account will no longer be deleted permanently.

However, if you are sure about deleting it once and for all then you can simply deactivate it and let it be. Your twitter account will be then automatically deleted permanently after 30 days.

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Step by Step Guide on How You Can Delete Your Twitter Account Permanently

Deleting your twitter account is a really simple process. Just as you can create an account with Twitter in just few steps, you can delete it without any hassle!

Here are is the simple step by step guide for how to delete my twitter account for you:

Step 1- Open the twitter app or website on your phone or pc. Log in to your twitter account if are not already logged in.

Step 2- After logging in to your twitter account, go to the profile option on the top left side of the screen and tap it.

Step 3- Thirdly, click on the Settings and Privacy option given on the Profile section.

Step 4- In the next step, click on the “Your Account” option

Step 5- Scroll down the list of Your Account section. You will notice the “deactivate account” option on the bottom of the list. Click on the deactivate account option.

Step 6- On clicking deactivate account on Twitter, you will notice written notice or the details regarding deactivating your account in the next screen. You might want to go through it to know any information about deleting or deactivating your account.

Step 7- Finally, click on the “Deactivate” account. Your account will be deactivated for the following 30 days after which it will be permanently deleted.

By following the above seven simple steps, your twitter account will be deleted permanently.

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