Do you want to view someone’s IG story but do not want the other person to know about it? You can easily watch their Instagram story anonymously by following some very simple steps!

How can we view someone else’s instagram story anonymously?

We all have been through that moment in life when we want to view someone’s Instagram story. However, we didn’t do so because we did not want the one posting the story to know that we viewed their Instagram story. At times like these, you wish you could watch someone Instagram story anonymously.

The next time you come across such situations, you won’t have to worry about it anymore. You can now easily view someone else’s ig story anonymously! Sounds fake to you? However it is true!

We can easily check anyone and everyone’s Instagram story anonymously by simply following certain steps. This is of course only when the account whose Instagram story you want to view is a public one. Or this is also possible if you are already following a particular account whose story you want to view without the account owner knowing.

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Given below are some easy ways in which you can view anyone’s Instagram story anonymously:

Using an anonymous Instagram account to view the story

One of the most easiest as well as the most obvious ways to view anyone’s IG story anonymously is by viewing it through an unknown or anonymous account. Say that you have quarreled with your best friend over some issue and are angry at them. However, you still want to check what they are doing. At such times, one of the easiest thing you could do to check their Instagram story anonymously is by viewing it with an IG account they do not know about.

You could view their story with an old account of yours that they do not know about. Or you could also view their story through the Instagram account of your other friends or family that they do not know about. This is perhaps the easiest way to view someone’s ig story anonymously.

You could even create a new account which can be done in few simple steps. You could switch between your two accounts for viewing the Instagram stories of the person. This way you will be able to view what is happening in their life anytime anywhere through your own phone that too anonymously!

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View an Instagram story anonymously by turning on the airplane mode of your mobile phone

Are you looking for another hassle free way of viewing someone’s Instagram story anonymously? If yes, we have another quick and easy fix for your problem.

The airplane mode option of your phone could come handy to you incase you want to get sneaky while viewing someone else’s ig story anonymously.

You can easily see a story without being noticed by the one posting the story. This is because Instagram preloads multiple stories automatically to allow quick viewing. This is done to ensure you can enjoy watching stories even when you do not have a dependable Wi-Fi or data connectivity. You could take advantage of this and view someone’s instagram story anonymously.

For this, first you will have to first open the user’s account profile on the Instagram app. You will then need to turn on airplane mode on your phone. Lastly, open the app again and select the user’s stories. You will be able to view the ig story anonymously without being noticed by the one who posted the story.

This is a simple way of not getting caught viewing someone’s story. However, this trick might not work if the instagram account whose story you want to view has uploaded several stories sequentially. The app might not have preloaded all the stories at once so this could prevent you from viewing the Instagram story anonymously.

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Use any third party app or websites to view IG story without being noticed

Another way of watching someone else’s Instagram story anonymously is by using any third party site or app to do so. Owing to the popularity of Instagram, there are many third party sites and apps that come handy to the Instagram users.

You could use several third party sites and apps in order to access someone’s Instagram Stories without having to log in. You could simply enter the Instagram account details of the account whose story you want to view. By entering those details on third party sites or applications, you will be able to see any public account’s stories without being noticed.

One thing that you must bear in mind while doing this is that many of these third party sites might not be secure. Also although there are many apps and websites that claim to help you in viewing the Instagram stories anonymously, not all of them may be useful. So, you can use these third party sites or apps at your own risk.

Given above were three quick and easy tricks for viewing anyone’s ig story anonymously. You can use any of them the next time you do not want to be caught watching someone’s story!

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