Do you wish Christmas never came and scream “I Hate Christmas” whenever it arrives?

Gianna, the single nurse in search of boyfriend in I Hate Christmas

Christmas is almost here and most of us are just so excited about it. With Christmas comes the season of joy and laughter, Christmas carols and jingle bells. Christmas is the perfect time of the year when we get to enjoy our time with family and take a rest from the hustle and bustle of daily lives. With all the joy that comes along with Christmas, who would not like it? We all love Christmas! However there are some exceptions to everything!

There are also quite many people who wish the festive season did not come. There are some people who say- I Hate Christmas instead of being happy about it and wishing it came soon. And it you are one of them, we finally have a Christmas show that you can relate to!

I Hate Christmas is a Netflix series for people who wish Christmas never came. And if you are one of them too, you should definitely watch the Netflix show.

It is a 6 episode Christmas series that will keep you entertained this holiday season. The Christmas romantic comedy series released in Netflix on December 7. So, if you have not yet started watching the Netflix series yet, you should start watching it right away to avoid any spoilers.

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What is the plot of I Hate Christmas?

I Hate Christmas is ordinary not so ordinary Netflix Christmas additions this year. It is a series that is different from the ” Christmas is my favorite” to ” Christmas is not at all great”. It is also different from those typical Christmas movie tropes where a girl accidently comes across the right one for her.

I Hate Christmas tells the story of a girl who hates the festival because of the pressure it brings to her. After all, who likes listening to the nagging of your family members about your non- existential love life and so on.

The plot of I Hate Christmas follows the story of a young girl, Gianni. Gianni is a young nurse who is doing well in her career. However, she does not have any lover. So, when her family members nag her about it, she claims that she does have a boyfriend. And this lie ends up getting her into quite some trouble.

Gianni has to bring her boyfriend back home to her family during the Christmas. However, she does not have a boyfriend yet, and nor does she have the time to find one. She only has 24 days left to find a suitable boy she can bring to her parents. So, Gianni anxiously starts her search for her ” boyfriend”.

Watch the new Christmas Netflix series to see whether Gianni ends up turning her lie into reality and ends up bringing her boyfriend to her family. Or, if her lie gets exposed before her family.You can watch I hate Christmas on Netflix.

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Is there a trailer for the Netflix series?

The opening line of the trailer is a strong one which states that Christmas does not care about your happiness.  You can also hear the lead actress of the Christmas addition of Netflix that the one thing that matters is if you have a family and that she shall not bend before anyone.
You can see the 24 year old single female lead of the Netflix series trying to look for a partner anxiously in the trailer of the new Christmas series.

Gianni is seen having a family dinner in the trailer of I Hate Christmas. She is shown boasting and being proud of her professional achievements, however she is the only one that seems to care about it.
While Gianni is shown being happy about her achievements, her family members do not care much about her professional life but have a greater interest in her personal life or her love interests. Gianni cracks in the midst of the subtly directed jabs at her, telling her family she has a man and will be inviting him home for Christmas.

On hearing of this good news, her family members become excited and one of them ends up saying that there is hope for everyone indeed. However, Gianni’s love life seems a little hopeless and dry in reality.

And so, she returns to her pals after throwing down the challenge where they talk about her chances of finding a suitable mate in time to bring home for Christmas. The worst part about all of these is that Christmas is in 24 days! So, you can also see Gianni desperately trying to find a suitable guy to bring back home to her parents on Christmas.

You can watch the trailer of I Hate Christmas here.

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Who is in the cast of I Hate Christmas?

Pillar Fogliati is playing the role of Gianna in the Netflix series.

Nicoloas Maunas is playing the role of Davide.

Beatrice Arnera is portraying the role of Titti in the series.

Other cast members of the I hate Christmas includes Giovanni Anzaldo, Gabrielle Falsetta, Alessio Pratico among many others.

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