To make our country globally competitive and ahead of other countries the Department of science and technology (DST) under the ministry of science is working on five most lucrative and amazing technology missions. This is to prepare our country to meet future scientific and technological challenges. As our country is facing so many challenges from different parts of the world recently, these new missions will help to mitigate this. These new missions will cover from electric mobility to quantum science and technology.

1. Electric mobility through electric vehicle

Climate change is one of the most burning topic and in top priority in the global forum. Mission on Electric mobility will somewhat mitigate the concern as there will be a growing demand for an electric vehicle in all parts of the world due to climate change. The currently used lithium batteries will start fading by 2025 which will develop the need for newer material.

Under this mission, new hydrogen fuel will be developed which will provide higher specific energies.

2. Digital maps

Scientists are working tirelessly to develop digital maps across the country with the help of satellites and drones. These digital maps will be produced on a scale of 1:500.

3. Cyber-physical systems

The cyber-physical systems include artificial intelligence, robotics, sensors, big data analytics, geographical information systems, and advanced materials. This will give a fillip to the manufacturing sectors and creation of semi-skilled human resources. This will help in all sectors like health, agriculture, water, transport.

4. Quantum technology

This mission includes extensive research on quantum computing, quantum cryptography, quantum meteorology, and sensing. This quantum technology is an emerging field in physics which has very high future potential.

5. Alternative source of energy

Research is going on to develop a methanol economy as a substitute for fossil fuel which will make our environment cleaner. Under this mission, excellence centers will be established across the country which will look after the production and utilization of methane in the country. This initiative will reduce dependence on fossil fuel as methanol can be extracted from various sources like agriculture waste and municipality waste.

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Last Update: September 20, 2019