New technology is invading the whole world, we get to improve a lot of appliance and even produce new upgraded ones.

currently there is a battle between Mobile phones companies as they compete to produce new phones with many features with convenient prices !

During my research to find out which company holds the best mobile phone,I stumbled between two companies that seem to be competing really hard.

These companies are Iphone and Hawawii.

I know that Iphone users will think it’s insane to compare iphone with any other brand.

but Hawawii is really introducing a lot of upgraded options that seems to be much better than iphone with almost close price as iphone.

let’s talk about the three recent phones introduced to us by Hawawii

Hawawii mobile phones and features

Hawawii Matte 20 & Matte 20 pro

hawawi vs Iphone
Hawawi Matte 20 and 20 pro

Both are almost similar in display, have similar processor and android 9.

about the memory: matte 20 can reach 128 MB while matte 20 pro can reach 256 MB

Hawawii matte 20 and 20 pro have the exclusive Lecia triple camera.

in Matte 20 pro Main camera is 40 MP + 20 MP + 8 MP while Front camera is 24 MP.

matte 20 Main camera Main Camera is 12MP+16MP+8MP while Front Camera is 24MP.

they are both water and dust resistant, supports fingerprint,fast charged by using wireless quick charge.

Hawawii P30 and P30 pro

Hawawi vs iphone


To me it’s very weird to say that Iphone camera features seems really low compared to hawawi but still its 12 MB camera is considered to be one of the best.

there is no other brand holding a 12 MP camera can be compared to it.

The new versions of iphone is water and dust resistance, it can go as deep as 1-2 meters for 30 minutes under water.

It seems to be very hard to me to decide whether the iphone camera or Hawawi camera is the best !

both of the brands have almost same features.

so if you have the money to buy any of them what will you buy and why ?

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Last Update: April 27, 2019