Since 1997, Cool math is one of the best websites for math’s lovers or haters. It makes the concepts of math enjoyable and easy to learn for students. Coo math games are the best way for students to take a break from their regular boring studies. It is the best and safe place for elementary students to access education through games.

But some days ago, a rumor that “Cool math Games is shutting down in 2020” will spread like fire among people. A Reddit user declares in a since-edited post that the Cool math website is shutting down since Adobe discontinues flash support from 2020. As most of the games on the website are backed by Adobe Flash, so it raises tension among millions of users around the world.

People are so concerned that a petition addressing the decision-makers Google, Microsoft, and Donald Trump will gather more than 143,000 signatures in three days. On the other hand, various tweets claiming the site should not be shut down posted by millions of people. As well as people around the world share their memories with the website such as

“I’m going to be very upset because that is my childhood, and it’s gone,” junior Ashley Siluk said. “I just think it’s bizarre for them to shut down. I’m going to miss playing The World’s Hardest Game.”

“I love Cool Math Games and I go on it whenever I’m bored,” junior Jade Gomez said. “I would sign the petition to have it not shut down.”

However, a representative of Cool math games confirmed that “the website will not shutting down in 2020”. He also said that the new games will not use the Adobe Flash technology and the old games like run, fireboy, watergirl are also converted into HTML5. So, the discontinuation of Adobe flash will not affect the website at all.