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Is TikTok the next Big thing?


Is TikTok the next big thing ruling social?

The coming of COVID-19 has resulted in a new social wave of social media shifting its focus on ‘TIKTOK’ more than ever which is gaining popularity with its engaging and snackable content that is addictive as well as highly amusing. 

So, the question that arises is, is TikTok the next new gram on social?

First of all, what is Tiktok?

It describes itself as the destination for short-form mobile videos which are interactive, fun, and highly entertaining. The app which is owned by Byte Dance was launched in 2016 in China (where it is called Douyin). It has been speedily making its way to gaining popularity since then and has reached heights especially in this time of COVID-19 when people are looking for some source of entertainment apart from watching movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime.

What makes it stand out ?

What makes it stand out from its similar apps like Vine or Musically, that was all about showing your creative ideas based on music which was self-explanatory is that TikTok is so much more than just dancing and lip-syncing. It is suitable for a diverse range of videos from lip-syncing, dance, beauty videos, or even challenges which people specifically influencers are engaging themselves in. 

The videos are tall like Snapchat or Instagram stories the only difference being you navigate through the videos by scrolling up and down instead of tapping on it. 

There are soo many engaging attributes on the app that keep you glued like doing a dare-like challenge, participating in dance memes, jokes, sports, recipes, and all sorts of such fun things.  It is a whole new lifestyle in its own where people can share any content they wish to. While posting the content they can use many filters, songs, effects and connect with the audience.

Not only has it become a platform that is easily and affordably accessible to all, but it has also become a platform through which a lot of people are earning their livelihood as well!

Some of the famous challenges that people have engaged in are:-





#Selfportraitchallenge and many more.

Apart from these challenges, people are also using TikTok as an expression of showcasing themselves through dance videos or face-offs, makeup-videos, or styling videos. 

The fact that anyone sitting at any place and anytime can be a content creator or influencer through the screen of their phone is making many believe that TikTok is here to stay for a long period and will rule the social media for the time being and the time yet to come!



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