Nowadays various people travel across the world and make documentaries and blogs related to that. But James May’s documentaries are something different.

In his last two travel documentaries in Japan and Japan and Italy, he covers almost everything that one should know before visiting the place.

The scenic beauty, culture, way of living, food that they eat, and several other things, James May included in his documentary.

In season 3, James reaches India and tries to cover the beauty of the country. To know what James May covers in his James May: Our Man in India documentary in detail, check the details mentioned below.

James May: Our Man in India

In the adventurous journey, James May covers scenic beauty, culture, tradition, and foods of different states of India.

Starting at the Arabic Sea and ending at the Bay of Bengal, his documentary includes awesome landscapes, beautiful deserts, Himalayan foothills, diverse forests, and megacities.

The major parts he covers in his epic 2024 documentary are Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Rajasthan, Varanasi, Agra, Darjeeling and others.

He explores the local culture of the beautiful places, visits famous places, tastes local food, and is involved in the activities taking place. He talks to local people to understand the traditions of the place and the way they live their lives.

Various people dream of visiting India but due to some circumstances, they are unable to reach there. Those people can watch the documentary and live in India through the eyes of James May.

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Where to watch the new 2024 documentary?

James May: Our Man in India is available on your favorite streaming channel Amazon Prime Video from January 5, 2024, Friday.

If you have an Amazon Prime Subscription then start streaming the journey of James now. If not, then purchase it at an easily affordable price.

Monthly subscription – ₹179

Quarterly subscription – ₹459

Yearly subscription – ₹1499

How many episodes does the documentary contain?

Tom Whitter directed a new January 2024 adventure documentary that contains a total of six amazing and interesting must-watch episodes.

James May: Our Man in India: Cast

In any movie, TV series, and documentaries, the most important role is played by its cast. But James May: Our Man in India documentary includes James May as the main member of the cast.

The other people who are an important part of his travel documentary are the local people who help him understand each part of India correctly.

They advise him, guide him, and help him to explore India more beautifully and adventurously.

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