A psychological thriller movie that has received the highest honor “Golden Lion” in the Venice Film festival is coming to rock your theatres and television screens soon. This new crime drama based on the DC comic’s characters filmed Joaquin Phoenix as Joker.

Upcoming Warner Bros. Joker movie is not the adoption of superhero comics. It is made with totally new ideas and presents a new version of a Clown that thrilled the audience and brings a smile on their face. 

What will the storyline of this upcoming movie?

This boundary-breaking movie of 2019 is inspired by 1970s characters and the work of Martin Scorsese, particularly The King of Comedy, Raging Bull and Taxi Driver. The interesting movie is put into the spotlight by confident creators.

The story focuses on a failed stand-up comedian who starts following the path of crime and create chaos in Gotham city. The trailer shows a gritty character named “Arthur Fleck”, a man who is disregarded by society. Due to which a joyful and laughter character transforms into a dangerous and crime freak person. It is a standalone story of an iconic villain that has not seen before on big screen.

Joker: Premiere Date

The first premiere of this iconic movie takes place in 76th Venice International Film Festival on August 31, 2019, where the movie gets the standing ovation of eight-minute from the festival audience and it is scheduled to release in the theatre of United States on October 4, 2019.

Is Joker based on a comic book?

Writer and director Todd Phillips said that this new movie does not follow the story of any previously published comic book. It is a new version of Joker that never seen before.

Is the movie is about batman?

This is not at all a batman movie. He is not even a part of the title, synopsis or set. Bruce Wayne is the part of the cast but he is a child that won’t have any idea that he parents in a handful of years. He is not in the focus or not even playing any major role. The key person of the story is “Joker” and the world made by him.

Meet the Cast of the new movie

The well-known adult movies (The Hangover, Scott Silver and 8 Mile) director Todd Phillips is the write and directs this movie. Apart from this other legendary characters of the upcoming movie are

Joaquin Phoenix Arthur Fleck A mentally ill, stand-up comedian who is degraded by society
Robert De Niro Murray Franklin A talk show host
Zazie Beetz Sophie Dumond Arthur’s love interest and a cynical single mother
Frances Conroy Penny Fleck Arthur’s mother
Brett Cullen Thomas Wayne A billionaire Philanthropist
Douglas Hodge Alfred Pennyworth The butler and caretaker of the Wayne Family
Marc Maron Ted Marco Arthur’s agent
Bill Camp Shea Whigham Officer in the Gotham City Police department

Joker: Trailer

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