The director of Train to Busan is back with another super hit- Jung_E ! Jung_E is one of the top trending movies on Netflix that you must watch right now!

Jung_E – One of the top trending movies on Netflix

Korean movies on Netflix have been really popular for the last few years. There are hundreds and hundreds of great Korean movies on Netflix and fans from all over the world have been loving it! With great movies such as #Alive, The Round up, Space Sweepers, Hellbound, Wish You and more, Netflix is back again with another amazing Korean movie, Jung_E.

Created by the talented director of movies such as Train to Busan, Psychokinesis, Hellbound, and more, Jung_E has been the talk of the town since its release on 20 January 2023. If you have not watched the trending Korean movie on Netflix yet, you should watch it soon before getting spoilers from your friends and family.

Here is all you need to know about the plot, cast and more about the top trending movies on Netflix before watching it:

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What is the plot of Jung_E?

Jung_E is a 2023 Korean science fiction film. Yeon Sang Ho, the prominent director of super hit zombie movie Train to Busan is the writer and director of this trending sci-fi film of Netflix.

Jung_E portrays the story of humans in the future where Earth is no longer habitable. Humans have a found a way to live away from the Earth in the 22nd Century and are living in the space in places called shelters in this sci- fi movie. However, even after getting a second chance at life in the space after destroying Earth, humans have been creating chaos in the space too.

A group of the people living in the space start a civil war in this top trending movies on Netflix. A group of shelters have named themselves the Adrian Republic and they plan on taking over the other shelters as well as the desolated Earth.

The plot of this Korean sci- fi film mainly centers around the effort of the AI lab researcher named Yun Seo-hyun and the Allied Force to stop the civil war in the space.

Yun Seo Hyun is the daughter of Captain Yun Jung Yi, a legendary soldier who falls into a coma while fighting against the forces of the Adrian Republic. The Allied Force and Seo Hyun take on a project named Jung_E to end the war by creating AI combat robots by cloning Jung Yi’s brain data.

Jung_E is a great sci- fi movie that is packed with action and tear jerking moments. This action packed science fiction movie is a must watch for all!

Watch it on Netflix now.

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Is there a trailer for Jung_E?

Yes, there is a trailer for the trending sci-fi movie on Netflix. The official trailer of Jung_E gives us a glance into the new world of humans. You can see the trains and people living in the space.

The trailer also shows a woman telling her young daughter that she has to go on another mission. The 2 minutes and 9 seconds long trailer of the sci- fi movie also gives us a sneak peek into the project Jung_E and AI combat bots.

You can watch the official trailer of this top trending movies on Netflix here.

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When and where does the Netflix sci- fi movie take place?

The storyline of this trending sci-fi movie is set in the year 2194. The plot of the movie takes place in “shelters”.

Shelters are colonies in the space that are built near the moon. In the 22nd Century, life can no longer be sustained on the Earth because of devastating climate changes. This is where the people live in this sci-fi movie and thus where the movie takes place.

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Who is in the cast of Jung_E?

Kang Soo Yeon is playing the role of Yun Seo-hyun in this Korean sci- fi movie on Netflix. Seo Hyun is an AI lab researcher and the team leader of the project Jung_E.

This trending movie on Netflix is also the last film in which the late actress Kang Soo Yeon starred in. Kang Seo Yeon was an amazing Korean actress who passed away before the release of the film in 2022.

Park So Yi is portraying the role of young Yun Seo Hyun in the film.

Kim Hyun Joo is playing the role of Yun Jung Yi in this top trending movies on Netflix. Jung Yi or Jung_E is the mother of Yun Seo Hyun and a legendary warrior who ends up in a come after fighting the Allied Force. Her brain data is cloned to create AI combat robots.

Ryu Kyung Soo is playing the role of Kim Sang Hoon in this Korean science fiction film on Netflix. Kim Sang Hoon is a robot which was created by the chairman of Kronoid laboratory. He considers himself to be a human and serves as the director of the laboratory.

Lee Dong Hee is playing the role of the chairman of Kronoid Laboratory in this film.

Uhm Ji Won is portraying the role of Lee Se Yeon in this top trending movies on Netflix.

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