justice is a very critical aspect especially for leadership as they endeavor to realize successful and goal-oriented leadership

In Mathew 25: 31-46, the word of God clearly outlines quit a number of important and critical aspects about the mandate of a leader in practicing and promoting justice. Justice basically encompasses fair ways of doing things especially when handling particular groups of people at work. The verse in question highlights various instances like when the son of man will eventually come in his glory and the way all mankind will be separated as it happens when a shepherd divides his goats. In this case, the verse further shows how the holy ones will be instructed to go to Him and inherit the kingdom of heaven unlike the all-time sinners.

Jesus equally flashbacks and says how He was thirsty but the good ones gave Him water to drink, the way He was hungry and they gave Him meat to eat as well as when He was naked but the good hearted clothed Him. Justice is also evident when Jesus openly received the righteous lot and rejected those who saw him in various problematic scenarios but did not bother to help him out. In spite of the persistence if their arguments that they never saw Jesus himself in trouble and failed to address Him did not matter. The King of all nation clearly unfolds the fact that when they saw their colleagues in such problems and failed to pay attention them, they ignored Jesus in reality (Esler et al. 2016).

As a leader, the word of the Bible particularly tends to educate us to be able to judge others with total fairness in all that is done in our leadership positions. In my very own opinion and understanding of this enriching verse, justice is mainly about ensuring that each and every person gets what he or she deserves depending on their individual performance. Therefore, all leaders are then expected to serve people well by appropriately giving all their subjects what they deserve at all times. This can be well achieved by punishing the failures and wrong doers as well as awarding the hard working and excelling members of staff in any working environment.

In regard to these biblical teachings, there are quite a number of ways in which justice can be practiced. Personally, I can ensure justice is promoted by employing some techniques. Firstly, I will make it mandatory to motivate best performers I my organization. This will help practice justice for the dedicated members. The same way Jesus tells the righteous to inherit the kingdom; I will equally reward the excellent staff members. In addition to motivation, I will also ensure that there is a specific code of conduct to be followed. Whoever fails to adhere to these organizational rules should face the stipulated consequences accordingly. I will prefer doing all this through my leadership positions in our societal gatherings, community groups as well as my position in the business organizations with which I work (Satlow, 2018).  

In conclusion, it is evident and true that justice is a very critical aspect especially for leadership as they endeavor to realize successful and goal-oriented leadership. It is therefore advisable to employ the best approaches to promote justice with respect to Jesus’s words in the book of Mathew.


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