Many people worldwide are wondering about the ketogenic diet routine. Definitely we all want to lose weight in order to lead a healthy life and even have more confidence in ourselves.

One of the most popular diet routine is the Ketogenic diet that is also known as Keto diet.

What is the Ketogenic diet?

 The Ketogenic diet is particularly a very low-carb, high-fat diet.

This means that the carbohydrates intake are reduced and replaced with fat intake in order to put the body in a metabolic process called ketosis.

As a result the body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy. The burned fats are then converted into ketones in the liver, which can supply energy for the brain.

It should be noted that keto diet can reduce blood sugar levels.

So obviously it’s not preferred to go on this kind of routine if you are a diabetic patient and using glucose lowering drugs as this may cause a sudden decrease in your blood glucose level leading to serious complications.

Different types of Ketogenic diet

We have four different types of Keto diet

  1. Standard Keto diet (SKD): SKD is characterized by very low-carb (5%), moderate-protein (20%) and high-fat diet (75%).
  2. Cyclical Ketogenic diet (CKD): this type goes like a five Ketogentic days with low carb and two days high carbohydrates days.
  3. Targeted Ketogenic diet (TKD): This diet allows you to add carbs around workouts.
  4. High-protein Ketogenic diet:  It is similar to SKD as it includes low carbs (5%), moderate protein (35%), high fat (60%). the only difference between the SKD and high-protein diet is the ratio of protein and fats eaten.

Food to avoid during Keto diet

As we said before that this is a low carbs diet so this means that any food that is high in carbs should be limited.

Here is what you need to avoid or reduce in the keto diet:

  • Sugary foods.
  • Grains or starches.
  • Fruit.
  • Beans or legumes.
  • Root vegetables and tubers.
  • Low-fat or diet products.
  • Unhealthy fats as vegetable oils, mayonnaise, etc.
  • Alcohol.
  • Sugar-free diet foods: These are often high in sugar alcohols, which can affect ketone levels in some cases.

Although it seems that keto diet is the most beneficial diet routine but the former trainer in the biggest loser, Jillian Michaels is having a different opinion about it.

The former trainer doesn’t see this kind of diet as healthy as it seems, she thinks it’s a bad idea to restrain from eating carbohydrates.

According to Michaels, stated that the keto diet ignores the fact that our cells are made up of protein, fat, carbohydrates, nucleic acids.

Ditching any of the three macronutrients is threatening the body’s overall health.

Other people opinion stated that the keto diet is only a temporary but a quick way to lose weight.

The keto diet seems really interesting to try it out but is it really a safe routine?

Would you try it out?