Nowadays social media platforms are on the hike because this way we all connect to the world. And, everyone knows what’s going on with the trends. I’m sure you’ve all got Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. As a result, there are places where we may exchange our ideas, photographs, and a variety of other things. When we talk about Twitter, we’re talking about the most well-known American microblogging software and social networking site, where users may send and receive messages called “tweets.” So, India presented an app called Koo. This app is similar to Twitter. 

Most of you may already know about this app, but want to know more about this app. What is the Koo app? And many other things about this app. So, in this post, I am going to present everything about Koo that you have to know before using this app. So, read all the way to the end.

What is the Koo App?

Koo is a Bengaluru, India-based microblogging and social networking website. Aprameya Radhakrishna and Mayank Bidawatka created the app, which previously known as Ku Koo Ku. In August 2020, it won the Government of India’s Aatmanirbhar App Innovation Challenge. The app is now worth more than $100 million. It originated with Kannada and has now expanded to include Hindi, English, Tamil, Telugu, and Marathi. Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Konkani, Malayalam, Meitei, Nepali, Odia, Punjabi, Sanskrit, and Urdu are among the languages for which it hopes to assist in the future.

According to data from strategy analytics Sensor Tower, the Koo App received 26 lakh installations in Indian app stores in 2020. And, opposed to 2.8 crore installations for Twitter. Between February 6 and February 11, the number of Koo App installations skyrocketed. After a week-long dispute with the Indian government over Twitter’s failure to delete accounts that the latter had identified for spreading disinformation during the 2020-21 Indian farmers’ protest. So, the Koo app rose to popularity. After the stalemate, numerous Cabinet Ministers, including Piyush Goyal, and other government officials, joined Koo, which has experienced a significant increase in user base since then.

Following the country’s outright suspension on Twitter, Koo made its debut in Nigeria. On June 10, 2021, the Nigerian government established an official account. Users may classify their posts using hashtags, words or phrases preceded with a “#” sign-on Koo’s UI, which is similar to Twitter’s. Another similarity is that you may mention or react to other users by using the “@” symbol followed by their username. Koo’s functionality is yellow and white.

Is Koo a Chinese app?

Before DPIIT’s notice, an Indian IT business built the Koo app. On Wednesday, the administration stated that Chinese investment in the microblogging app. This app complied with current rules and that the software was developed in-house. On July 2, 2020, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology announced the commencement of the Digital India AatmaNirbhar App Innovation Challenge. Only Indian entrepreneurs and startups were eligible to participate in the challenge.

How to get the Koo app on Android or iOS?

So, if you want to get the Koo app on your smartphone, here are the steps to take:-

How to install the Koo app on an Android device?

Step1:- Open the Google Play Store app on your Android phone or tablet.

Step 2:- After you’ve opened the Play Store, go to the Search tab and type in “Koo App“.

Step3:- Following typing and selecting the search option, the app will appear on your screen. Afterward, on your smartphone, click on download and install the app.

Step4:- Set up the app by inputting your phone number after it has been downloaded.

Step5:- You can obtain the OTP after providing your mobile number. Then, to get started, enter the OTP that was provided to your phone number.

How to install the Koo app on an iOS device?

Step1:- On your iPhone, go to the App Store.

Step2:- Go to the Search tab after you’ve entered the App Store and put in “Koo App.”

Step3:- The app will display on your screen when you type and pick the search option. Then, on your iOS device, go over to and download and install the app.

Step4:- Open and configure the app when it has been downloaded.

Step5:- Now for using the app, enter your mobile number and the OTP provided to that number when prompted.

Is the Koo app secure?

Fifty lakh downloads as Koo grows in popularity. As many people in India feel they should be utilizing a native called the Atmanirbhar app, the app has come under investigation. Is it secure? That is the issue.

Koo is not very safe, as per a French security expert, and it is presently exposing a lot of personal user information such as email IDs, phone numbers, and dates of birth. Robert Baptiste, better known on Twitter as Elliott Anderson, a French cybersecurity expert, examined Koo and discovered that it is leaking certain user information.

Users input their profile data on the app to be shared with others on the platform, Koo stated in response to the data leaks. That is what presented all across the platform. While there have been erroneous accusations of a data breach, it’s just known as the public profile page, which is open to all users!

Is Koo available for laptops, and if so, how can I get it?

Koo App is an android-based application, thus we didn’t download it directly on a Windows PC or a Mac Laptop. You will need a scheme named Android Emulator to run it on your Windows laptop. On the internet, you can find a variety of free emulators. If you properly follow the provided easy steps, you will have no problems installing Koo App on your Windows PC. So, carefully follow the steps below to effectively utilize Koo App for Mac and Laptop.

Step1:- First and foremost, you must download the most recent version of the emulator onto your computer and laptop.

Step2:- Double-click the downloaded configuration file to commence the entire installation after the emulator has been downloaded to your laptop.

Step3:- Simply start the emulator when it has been properly installed, and be sure you follow the onscreen commandment.

Step4:- Afterwards when head to the Google Play Store’s My Apps section and put “Koo App” into the emulator tab button, now tap Install.

Step5:- Allow a few minutes for the application to launch on your Windows PC.

Step6:- That is all there is to it. After you’ve installed the app, you can play it on Koo App for PC using an emulator.

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So, at this point, you know all there is to know about the Koo app, including how to get it and where to get it. There are also instructions for installing this application on your laptop. So, download the app and spread the word about the Atamnirbhar Indian app.