ZEE5 continuously give big hits during the lockdown. The channel has come up with the various top-rated dramas in the last few months and now the directors and producers try their hands in a crime thriller “Lalbazaar”.

Lalbazaar is actually the neighborhood in Central Kolkata and the center point of business adjoining Benoy-Badal-Dinesh Bagh (Dalhousie Square) area. Kolkata police headquarters is located in Lalbazaar Street.

The series Lalbazar is about the talented police officers of Kolkata that work in Lalbazaar police headquarters. The story shows how a team of iconic police officers enter the world of crime and solves murder mystery and various and life-threatening incidents happened regularly in Lalbazaar.

Its emphasis on the increasing crime rate in the Lalbazaar and good and evil forces exist in society. When you start watching the series, you feel that it is related to murder mystery of sex worker but when you move ahead you unfold various mysterious or murders done in Lalbazaar regularly.

Below we uncover some interesting details related to this new twisted tale, along with its watch online and download links.

LalBazaar Web Series: Storyline

Firstly, LalBazaar is a crime thriller series which is the favorite genre of the public (especially youngsters), nowadays. It is a different crime drama available on other streaming channels.

It is a combination of two different stories; the top part consists of the murder mystery of a sex worker and her boyfriend, and the other shows the number of crimes happen in Lalbazaar.

The series starts with the team of police officers team of Homicide Department of Lalbazaar, who solves various criminal cases, under the leadership of assistant commissioner, Suranjan. Suranjan is separated from his wife and has a live-in relationship with the news anchor. The best part of 40 something man is, he deeply appreciates and respects his team. Suranjan solves various crucial cases in his life with his team and this new case is also a challenge for him.

In the beginning, Suranjan comes to know that a sex worker name Ruby is murdered but people call it a suicide, her body is retrieved from a pond by Farzana (right hand of Suranjan). When the team is working on the case, a child some body parts in the lake on the other hand.

One by one the series of murders start happens in Lalbazaar including the murder of truck driver and his helper, the panty murder- in which a woman kills her husband with his lover with the help of a panty, stolen from the neighbor, cybercrime- in which a homophobic man by using Facebook contact young men and kill them and various others.

Suranjan and its team of talented officers handle each case carefully and find the loophole in it. The officers unfold various mysterious one by one and find the real criminal behind all these crucial and brutal murders.

They use various tricks to hold the criminal and finally put Sabir (the honest, upright OC of Watgunj) as bait to catch the criminal.

How police use Sabir to catch the criminal and how they solve murder mystery is cleared after watching the gruesome 10 episodes of the series.

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Where to watch this new series?

Premier on June 17, 2020, the new web series is available on popular streaming channel ZEE5 to watch and download. The series available in the premium section, so if you have that then start watching the series, right now.

Non-premium subscribers, purchase its subscription, costs Rs.99 per month and Rs.999 per year, which is easy to afford.

You can also watch and download this series by getting the Airtel recharge in which they offer the ZEE5 subscription free.

Watch and download Lal Bazaar Website Here

LalBazaar Web series: Cast

Creator Sayantan Ghosal includes various top characters that make this series, a hit. The names of the character are

Kaushik Sen as Suranjan, Assistant commissioner at Homicide Department of LalBazaar and leading character of the series.

Subrat Dutta as Gaurav Dutta, Cruel, and womanizer person, who do all criminal activities in Kolkata.

Dibyendu Bhattacharya as Abbas Gazi, Mafia Chief and the king of smuggling business at the Kolkata port

Gaurav Chakrabarty as Sabir Ahmed, the honest, upright OC of Watgunj, who fight against all odds to stick to his principles

Sauraseni Maitra as Mira, under IPS trainee under Suranjan

Hrishitaa Bhatt as Maya Ghosal, a 30-something woman who in love with Suranjan

Ronjini Chakraborty as Farzana, a sex worker and right hand of Suranjan

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