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Is there a legal way to watch foreign TV shows in USA?


If you are journeying abroad and want to watch foreign TV shows in the USA, you will require the help of a VPN.

VPN authorizes you to spoof your location and access your home streaming services from anywhere in the world. It helps you to watch foreign TV shows and movies from your country.

As an American, one of the greatest challenges you face when traveling is access to decent shows. Even in the UK or other English-speaking nations, access to the latest and greatest American content is limited.

Sometimes, most countries in the world get US shows one season after the latest US release if they get them at all. US entertainment is shipped all over the world, but in foreign-language countries, the audio is often dubbed over. So, if you don’t fancy lipreading reruns, you need to tool up.

VPN” means “virtual private network.”. The supporting technology is a little complicated but all you need to know is that when you install a VPN you seem to be in a different country to websites, apps, and services on the internet. There’s a fortune of VPNs to choose from, but only a handful can reliably avoid geographic limitations and liberate shows.


Here are some of the Top 5 best-recommended VPNs to watch foreign movies without any restrictions:

1. Surfshark

Surfshark has a very cool and minimalist interface for a good cause. It keeps focusing on delivering a secure and fast VPN service. Recently, it has impressively worked to grow its network to around 1,000 servers in a very quick time.

Surfshark was only presented in late 2018. This assistance provider has driven to maintain at the top and overall it delivers a very stress-free experience for a cost that many would just love.

Surfshark always drives to deliver all the key elements of a good VPN service provider. This includes keeping P2P traffic on almost all their servers, strong encryptions, access to a multi-region range of video streaming platforms, and more.

As the top best VPNs for India, Surfshark stood as one of the few that operated to keep up amazing speeds in a usually very congestion-prone region. Speed tests from a Latur server showed downstream speeds of around 80 Mbps.

Surfshark Test Speed at Latur SEerver -India

2. NordVPN

NordVPN occupies a strong first place in the list of Best VPNs for India for many reasons. One of the first reasons is that they are established in Panama, which is also a good place to be for VPNs. Apart from that, NordVPN has a reputation and is another VPN provider that has a massive number of servers in many countries.

Their strict no-logging policy incorporates 256-bit military-grade encryption and offers great price plans for almost every common citizen.

Recently when NordVPN was tested at the Chennai Server, the results were found with a 134 Mbps downstream speed. In this round of tests, NordVPN showed very stable performance on their India server. It has an even more stunning feature that not only allows P2P traffic but has specially optimized servers for torrenting.

3. ExpressVPN

The ExpressVPN seems to have spread expansive infrastructure assistance for India because of the many limitations. The organization has key servers in both Chennai and Mumbai as well as an alternative that can be routed via the UK.

On average, this VPN assistance delivers outstanding all-around service from top-notch speeds all the way to complete applications and protocols which is ideal for safety, privacy, and obscurity. Its safety protocols are also the best-in-class for customer use living today.

The services have been tested thoroughly at Latur Server and have no hesitancy in suggesting them as the top VPN service provider for users across the globe to watch foreign TV shows in the USA. ExpressVPN is durable and allows access to a reasonable capacity of appliances as well.

Recently when ExpressVPN was tested at the Latur Server, the results were found with a 114.73 Mbps downstream speed.

ExpressVPN Speed Test India – Latur Server

4. Atlas VPN

Atlas VPN can be considered a new youngster in the alliance. In Atlas VPN, we see multiple features such as exceptional speed, worthy pricing, and unique momentum.

Something it’s particularly great for is streaming. India’s massive demand hosts multiple popular overseas streaming platforms. From Amazon Prime to Netflix and Disney+ Hotstar Premium, Atlas VPN’s streaming capabilities come at an excellent price with speed for smooth performance.

These key elements go well with outstanding customer support and related qualifications. . While there are some downsides, it completely fits the role of a media streaming partner that offers good privacy.

Recently when Atlas VPN was tested at the Basmat Server, the results were found with a 332.63 Mbps downstream speed.

Atlas VPN Speed Test India – Basmat Server

5. TorGuard

The TorGuard interface may appear slightly dated when first discovered but there is no suspicion that there is one of the most protected VPN service providers around the world as the performance is absolutely outstanding.

There is one key difference between TorGuard and many competitors in that it allows you to choose any level of encryption you prefer. This means that for P2P users, you can turn down encryption a notch and enjoy faster torrenting speeds anytime!

The only downside is that for younger users who are used to the sleekness of modern applications, the TorGuard interface will look like something from the past.

Apart from that, TorGuard has many other amazing characteristics, such as stable speeds, multi-platform capability, and the capacity to bypass VPN blockers

As one of the top VPNs for India, TorGuard meets particular speed requirements. Recently a test result was conducted from a Bengaluru-based VPN server and the results were found with a 98.13 Mbps downstream speed.

TorGuard VPN Speed Test India – Bengaluru Server


It is fortunate that almost all US TV channels have set their content on the internet. You can watch live US TV channels like ABC and CBS or browse on-demand video libraries from online services and streaming sites like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Sling TV, HBO, and Hulu.

At the same time, it is unfortunate that US TV streaming channels block access to internet users outside the country. So if you’re outside of the US for your holidays and still want to access your favorite shows you need to deploy technology in order to keep the entertainment streaming. To get around those limitations, it is recommended to use a VPN.

It is a fact that there isn’t a legal way to watch foreign TV shows in the USA and the only method to be watched is with a help of a VPN. One of the most important factors is to select the best VPN is recommended and discussed in detail above.


Hereby we just refer to where the Series/movies are available to watch. But in no way we are concerned with promoting it nor do we recommend watching it that way. It is always best to own a subscription in the respective streaming platform. Not just because avoid piracy but also to have the best Visual and Audio experience.

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