Edward Norton, neo-noir crime movie, Motherless Brooklyn is an interesting movie release in November 2019. After 2000 romantic comedy-drama “Keeping the Faith”, director Edward Norton first time sit on director chair and coming up with the adaptation of Jonathan Lethem’s novel of the same name.

This retro-style movie is set in New York City in 1957. The movie takes 20 years back from the book contemporary times that are from 1999 to 1957 and changes the bad guy and big bad conspiracy. The revisionist twist makes this drama more interesting that ever-watched.

Motherless Brooklyn plot shows an abusive orphanage boy Lionel Essrog, nickname frank, rescued by a detective agency owner Frank Minna, who becomes his boss when he starts working in his detective agency. The boy is suffering from a medical problem Tourette syndrome, in which he temporarily gets unwanted urge or sensation in the affected muscles. But his other characteristics like his photographic memory make him a good detective.

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The major twist that makes the movie a perfect tragedy happened when Lionel’s father-like figure and the boss is shot in an alley during a secret mission. At the point, Frank put his gumshoe hat on and starts solving the mystery behind the Frank Minna murder case. During his journey, he uncovers various conspiracies involving gentrification, coercion and murder leads. He meets various shady gangsters and crooked cops and unpleasant reporters in his way. Apart from romance, motherless Brooklyn is an amazing murder mystery that you need to watch. The remarkable and undeniable formal elegance of the movie show noir as a mood rather than a genre with amazing booze-soaked jazz music.

When the movie will be premiered in theatres?

This tragedy comedy had its world premiere at Telluride Film Festival on August 30, 2019. It was premiered on November 1, 2019, in the United States by Warner Bros. Pictures.

Motherless Brooklyn: Cast

Edward Norton, all new drama is produced by Bill Migliore, Gigi Pritzker, Rachel Shane, and Michael Bederman. The music is composed by Daniel Pemberton and the cinematography and editing are done by Dick Pope and Joe Klotz.

The cast of the movie include Edward Norton as Lionel Essrog, an orphan boy and a detective, Bruce Willis as Frank Minna, owner of detective agency and Lionel boss, Leslie Mann as Julia, Frank’s wife, Gugu Mbatha-Raw as Laura Rose, who work Gabby Horwitz, Robert Wisdom as Billy, Laura Rose father, Michael Kenneth Williams as Trumpet man, Bobby Cannavale as Tony Vermont, Lionel fellow, Alec Baldwin as Moses Randolph, a trump like mogul and the chief malefactor and others.

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Last Update: November 18, 2019