2023 is the biggest year for K-dramas. This year various popular and people’s favorite K-dramas were released on different OTT platforms.

The best part of K-drama movies and TV series is their cute and interesting storyline and characters. Now the year is coming to an end and a new K-drama “Like Flowers in Sand” is released on Netflix to entertain the audience.

This new K-drama series shows the traditional sports of Korea, Korean wrestling also known as Ssireum in Korea.

Along with romance, the new show covers the sports activities and also the problems faced by their players and management.

The series has various interesting things covered inside it which you know when you read the details mentioned below.

Like Flowers in Sand: Plot

The story of the series focuses on Kim Baek Doo, a traditional Korean wrestling player of the Geosan Country Office Ssireum team. Baek is a genius player and the youngest son of the prestigious Ssireum family.

But now Baek Doo has decided to take retirement from sports but one meeting can change everything in his life.

His childhood friend Oh Yoo Kyung brings a turning point in his life. Oh Yoo Kyung and Kim Baek Doo both played together in Geosan Country and Oh Yoo Kyung is a management team leader for his Ssireum team.

The Ssireum team is on the edge of disbanding. With the help of new coach Kwak Jin-soo, leader Oh Yoo Kyung, and other people Min Hyuk-woo and Joo Mi-ran, they work together and try their best to save it.

How did they save the Ssireum team from the verge of disbanding? All you know when you watch the series.

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How many episodes does the new series have?

Like Flowers in Sand contains a total of 12 episodes. Out of which one episode is released every Wednesday and one every Thursday.

Therefore, the last episode of the series will arrive on January 25, 2024.

Where to watch this romantic K-drama series?

The series will be released on ENA on December 20, 2023, Wednesday at 21:00 KST time slot.

It is also available on the popular entertaining OTT platform Netflix, in selected regions, to watch and download.

If you have its subscription then start streaming the series now. If not, purchase its subscription at easy affordable prices.

Its standard plan with ads costs $6.99 per month and $15.49 per month without ads. The premium plan costs $19.99 per month.

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Who are the characters of Like Flowers in Sand?

Kim Jin-woo directs the 2023 comedy youth series. The series stars various known famous faces of South Korea.

Jang Dong-yoon as Kim Baek-doo, a top-level player of the Geosan Country Office Ssireum team.

Lee Ju-myoung as Oh Yoo-Kyung, Kim Baek-doo’s childhood friend and leader of the Geosan Country Office Ssireum team.

Le Joo-seung as Jo Seok-hee, Baek’s best friend and police officer at Geosan Police Station.

Lee Jae-Joon as Kwak Jin-soo, former wrestler and the new coach of the Geosan Country Office Ssireum team.

Kim Bo-ra, Yoon Jong-seok, Choi Moo-sung, Jang Young-Nam, and Woo Hyun are also part of this beautiful interesting story.

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