Nowadays various popular streaming services and television channels are making nature-based documentaries on wildlife and aquatic animals such as Our planet (Netflix), Kingdom of the forest (Amazon Prime), American Cats and Wings of Life (Disney) and others, to draw attention about the species of animals and birds which are extinct and going to be extinct in some years.

Out of which one such popular documentary made on the king of the forest is “Lion Kingdom”. It is a short mini-series that highlights a community in Africa where lions and other wild animals collaborate. The series can be easily streamed on National Geographic channel, Hulu and other channels.

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When mini-series will be premiered on National Geographic channel?

Season one of the documentary “Lion Kingdom” will be released on National Geographic channel on August 4, 2017.

What is the synopsis of the series?

This interesting mini-series of 2017 showcases the saga of three lion families who linked together by a strange, charmed place. A fascinating and beautiful oasis located on the Mwagusi River in Tanzania. Water is always available in this place. It is called the Glade.

Lion Kingdom: Episodes

Episode1: Pride and Punishment

  • Release Date: August 4, 2017
  • Channel: National Geographic Wild
lion kingdom episode 1

In the first episode of the series, thousands of thirsty buffalo and scores of hungry lions converge on the last source of water, The Glade at the height of summer season. It takes places in Tanzania’s Ruaha National Park.

Epiode2: Hunter of Giants

  • Release Date: August 11, 2017
  • Channel: National Geographic Wild

Glade is an amazing place where there is always water. As the summer season continues in Ruaha, herds of thirsty elephants arrive in the Glade. They dig their trunks deep into the sand to get the cleanest water. But the twist arises when hungry lions arrive there.

Episode3: Blood Rivals

  • Release Date: August 18, 2017
  • Channel: National Geographic Wild
lion kingdom Blood Rivals

Changes take place in the Glade. An adult lion arrives there and resumes its position as a leader. But one curb when reaches to its adolescence, start playing dangerous games, trying to mate female members of the pride.

Lion Kingdom: IMDB Rating

This best and must-watch television series achieve 9.3 ratings out of 10 by IMDB.

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