We usually play mobile games or video games for enjoyment purposes. Some games are competitive, some can help you earn money or can even be your best pass time. But apart from the sole purpose of enjoyment or just for the sake of passing time some games even help in sharpening the mind. There are specific mind games that require you to put in your brain into it. Just like a jigsaw puzzle or some tricky math assignment would be needing it. Below I will be sharing a list of such mind games that can help in the mental exercise of the brain.

What’s best is that it’s solving dual purposes-

First is the excitement and fun of being a game that makes it altogether interesting.

Second is that it is helping in the exercising of the brain by challenging you.

The basic abilities good mind games would test or challenge

Memory Retention


Divided Retention

Word Memory

Sharing some good mind games you must try –



3.Fit Brains Trainer

4.Brain Wars


6.Logic Grid Puzzles 

1. Elevate


What sets elevate apart is the daily game workouts and personalised brain training. Not only this it even offers a workout calendar that helps you track your progress along with in-depth performance tracking. It has about 30 cognitive games which are quick, easy, and fun to play when you are lazing around or on a lunch break, etc. Although it is quick but makes sure to help you record and make some actual progress. The levels of keeping getting difficult and so it makes sure that you have a progression starting from easy going up to difficult.

The game is available on both IOS and Android.

2. Peak


With peak, the highlighting part is its unique interface which makes it quirky, fun ,and interesting. It has about 40 unique and challenging mind games that are well-designed and keep you engaged. Another feature that calls for attention in the game is a coach, “personal trainer”. This coach helps you find the right workout at the right time. How cool is that ??

Just like elevate even Peak keeps a detailed record of the user’s progress as well as provides insights that help players in understanding the progress better. This also actively works towards improving the users performance.

The game is available on both IOS and Android.

3. Fit Brains Trainer


The Fit Brains Trainer game is more about the business side of the brain training/mind games. It’s design structure is modern, sleek, and attractive. If you are someone who keeps a track record of the progress then set weekly goals, analyze and compare yourself then you must get your hands on the game.

The free version of the game includes 60 + games along with 500 + workout sessions which will test every point of your IQ. The game is available on IOS as well as the desktop version.

4. Brain Wars


The game Brain Wars is something like Quizup. Those who like competitive games this is the game for them. You can take on randoms and even challenge your friends for a tough brain battle. Not only this you also get a chance to outscore your opponents that to in real-time. You can play puzzles, brainteasers, and many more neuropsychological games. This mind game is phenomenally designed and executed. The daily competitions, international challenges make sure to challenge the brain.

The game is available on both IOS and Android.

5. Lumosity


This game ranks on the top for being one of the most popular mind games that help in the brain training. It has over 25 games that adapt very well to an individual’s performance and help in creating a customised brain experience for every user. What makes it so easy is the fact that the games incorporate into a daily training routine of people no matter what their schedule is.

One fascinating fact is that the Luminosity team works closely with over 40 + university researchers all over the world. They take the neuropsychological and classic cognitive tasks and help to turn them into fun, interesting and insightful games.

The game is available on both IOS and Android.

6. Logic Grid Puzzles 

Logic Grid Puzzles mind games

Hands up everyone who is a big big fan of sudokus. If you are that person then this is the game for you. These logic grid puzzles will help to sharpen your wit as well as improve your logical abilities. The players are given a few teeny tiny indiscriminate clues which test their skills as they are required to fill out an entire 6-grid puzzle information using those clues.

It might get frustrating if you aren’t able to figure out the clues but once you do it will surely be an incredible experience!

And I assure you once complete it you will feel a sense of accomplishment too!

The game is available on IOS.