Almost a week after the release of the series London Files, movie reviewers are not especially happy about that series.

London Files is an Indian crime thriller web series Directed By Sachin Pathak. The series stars Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli as the lead.

London files poster
London Files Released on Voot starring Arjun Rampal and Purab Kohli

What is the story?

The series follows a story about a homicide detective Om Singh (Arjun Rampal) handling a case of a media baron’s daughter Maya (Medha Rana) when she goes missing. Amar Roy (Purab Kohli) is a big shot media tycoon whose daughter in question is missing. The British Government passes an immigration bill of which Amar Roy is a supporter. Because of this bill, London has become a chaotic city with riots and protests everywhere. While investigating more into the matter detective Om finds a relation of this case to his past. The series also shows the Om’s (Arjun Rampal) son behind bars serving time for a terrible crime he committed in school

London Files also shows a cult led by Gopi (Gopal Datt). And the detective believes the cult has a motive behind Maya’s missing.

What are the reviews for London Files?

Many sources feel that the series hasn’t done much justice to the given topic. NDTV has quoted the movie “Daddies with issues”. It states that the series focuses less on the real problem and more on the issues both the fathers are facing ie. Om and Amar. During the investigation, the detective seems to mix up his personal and professional life which is not quite liked by the audience. The series has failed to maintain a balance between the two.

The detective who is already distressed because of his personal matters accuses the missing girl’s father as the primary suspect which is not so professional. Accusing without any evidence or witnesses.

Om (Arjun Rampal) is said to be on medication and therapy which he willingly skips. Hence further complicating his health. Such a take on mental health does not look good on television. And with a not so clear head, he compares the fate of the girl (ie. she is murdered) with his son and further complicates the case.

As for the actors, it feels like Arjun Rampal had to do all the work. Purab Kohli could have done better justice to his character as a father and a media person. Gopi is poorly showcased in the series. It felt like he was a traditional villain with a dialogue that he uses every once in a while.

Overall the series could have been better if there was more emphasis on the actual reason ie. the bill passed. The name London Files just means that the location where this takes place in London and nothing more. If the real problem was addressed in the series the name would have been better suited.