Riverdale star Lili Reinhart is back on Netflix with a new romantic comedy movie Look Both Ways. And boy does she look the sweetest in it! Well on to the point…this movie is a must-watch if you are the one who has plans for yourself. Long-term plans!

What is the movie about?

Look Both Ways is an American romantic comedy film about a high school student who has big plans for her future but things went sideways. Lili Reinhart plays the lead role of Natalie. The smart, organized student who has her dreams and goals planned out for the next five years experiences and sudden and unexpected hurdle. A certain night leads to Natalie being pregnant. This puts a halt on her goals and dreams.

The movie actually talks about two alternate possibilities from the time Natalie takes her pregnancy test. Depending on the result, Natalie either goes to LA to pursue her dream or takes up the challenge of raising the baby. The movie is a must-watch for the mixed emotions, Natalie’s journey and the hurdles and sacrifices everyone has to make. Moreover, Lili Reinhart delivers an outstanding performance. The cast includes Aisha Dee as Cara (Natalie’s best friend), David Corenswet as Jake (Natalie’s love interest) and Danny Ramirez as Gabe. The movie is now available to watch on Netflix from 17th August.

Is Look Both Ways worth a watch?

As said earlier, the movie has two parallel worlds. A world where Natalie is pursuing her dreams and completing her five-year plan. And the other is where she is a full-time mom living in her parent’s house. The start of the movie is quite quick and comes directly to the point. The movie shifts from parallel worlds.

The full-time mom job part is very hard on Natalie. She has to give up on her job and college, and moreover, she has to stay in her parents’ house. The parents, in this case, are not supportive either as their freedoms are also butchered due to their daughter’s untimely pregnancy. The movie takes into point everyone’s perspective. Gabe the father, is quite supportive of Natalie’s decision to keep the baby and is ready to do his part of the job. Even Natalie’s best friend Cara is also supportive of her decision.

The other world where Natalie is living her dream is quite different from this. This world is blooming with opportunities and boys. She gets to work with her all-time favourite illustrator, finds a supportive boyfriend and living with her best friend and basically lives the dream.

This movie answers the ‘What if…?’ questions we have in our everyday life. Although the movie does not reach much deep into the life of Natalie, in the case where she decides to keep the pregnancy and very much skips ahead. But overall the movie is a good watch for entertainment purposes. You can watch the trailer of Look Both Ways here.


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Last Update: August 22, 2022