Netflix is back with another romantic comedy movie. But this time the location is the beautiful city of Italy, Verona. Let us see if the movie is a hit or a flop.

What is Love in the Villa about?

Love in the Villa is the latest American romantic comedy on Netflix. This new movie stars Vampire Diaries actress Kat Graham and Tom Hopper who plays Number One in Umbrella Academy. The movie is about a dreamy school teacher who is on the way to her ‘dream trip’. However recently heartbroken, she decides to go alone. And… ends up sharing a room with a totally hot Englishman (Tom Hopper).

The movie has a typical story of a girl living in her fantasy, loves ‘love stories’, has a gay best friend and meets love unexpectedly. Although this is the case, the unique location brings out the beauty in the film. After all the villa has its own motto, l’amore trova una via (Love finds a way). Further in the movie, the plot follows enemies turn to lover kind of story and pretty much everything that comes with it. So what happens to Julie (As in the one from Romeo and Juliet) is still a mystery! Have got to watch the movie to find out.

Here’s the trailer for Love in the Villa.

Is the new movie worth the watch?

As said earlier the movie follows a very typical story. And sadly it doesn’t really get better it is the same the whole time. Julie the lead of the movie recently breaks up with her boyfriend Brandon (Brandon dumps her because she is weird). But she gets overly inspired by the tagline of the Villa she rented. ‘l’amore trova una via (Love finds a way)’. And you will see that this line is extensively used throughout the movie.

Another character Charlie who is a hopeless romantic or what she prefers to call him is a ‘closet romantic’. But in the end, he is struck by the idea of true love and destiny and stuff. Like all the love-struck people Charlie confesses his love for Julie and they once again say the famous tagline, but this time together!

The movie is therefore just another cheesy romantic movie which I think is okay if you give it a pass. But if you are a fan of Shakespeare’s works and love yourself some romantic gestures and poetry then this movie is for you!

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Last Update: September 7, 2022