The most awaited war drama series is finally out to watch online and download. The series is delayed due to one or another for a long time but now the wait is going to be over.

Based on the 2007 book Masters of the Air: America’s Bomber Boys who fought the Air War against Nazi Germany by Donald L. Miller, the new war drama depicts the historical old incidents so nicely that everyone can relate to this.

Creators John Shiban and John Orloff try to present every scene of that time so live that you want to see the series again and again.

Although only the trailer of the series is out now and the series will be coming tomorrow. But by its trailer, we can feel that the series is going to be awesome.

If you are eagerly waiting for the series and want to watch the series first, then check its streaming details mentioned below.

But till it is released, take a look at the storyline, cast, and other details of the Masters of the Air series, especially collected for you.

Masters of the Air: Storyline

The new thrilling war drama shows the experiences of eleven World War II pilots aboard the flying fortress.

The series covers the problems and challenges faced by the men of the 100th Bomb group also known as the Bloody Hundredth, stationed in England during World War II and conducting dangerous bombing raids over Nazi Germany. They are renowned for enduring significant losses.

Through the series, you will observe the struggles of the characters in facing the frigid weather conditions, low or almost no oxygen, and the terror of the combat that takes place almost 25,000 feet in the air.

Each experience and every struggle of the bloody hundredth are presented in the series extraordinarily.

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How many episodes does the new 2024 series have?

The series serves as a match to the best war drama series Band of Brothers (2001) and The Pacific (2010).

The war drama series completed its journey with a total of 9 episodes that are coming soon.

Where to watch this war series?

Masters of the Air will be coming to watch and download on your favorite online streaming channel Apple TV+ from January 26, 2024.

So, don’t forget to watch the series if you have a subscription. If you don’t have its subscription then try Apple TV+ free trial version of 7 days. Otherwise, purchase its easily affordable plan.

Its monthly plan costs $9.99 per month, after 7 days free trial. If you buy any Apple device then Apple TV+ subscription is provided free for 3 months.

Masters of the Air: Cast

The American series star cast includes various famous actors and actresses.

Austin Butler as Major Gale Cleven, Callum Turner as Major John Egan, Anthony Boyle as Major Harry Crosby, Barry Keoghan as Lt. Curtis Biddick, Nikolai Kinski as Colonel Harold Huglin, and others.

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