Women are definitely one of the toughest creatures on Earth and they can do whatever they want with a determination.

I had the pleasure to meet a special woman that proved herself to everyone around her with her strong will and determination.

This lady is “Najma” the founder of Najmalina on Instagram.

First let me introduce you to one of the strongest social media influencers.


Najma is a multi-talented artist from Nigeria.

She was born and raised in London in one of the multi-cultural areas.

Later when she became older she was able to embrace more of her own culture.

She didn’t have a kind of tough life as a child and didn’t experience any racism but sure she was teased from others about having fuller lips.

Surprisingly that didn’t get to her at all, instead that made her a stronger person who is more proud of herself.

“I was teased because of my lips and now the people who teased me before are getting lip fillers” said Najma.

She is a very outgoing person but also loves to be alone with just her family. She is a strong, independent and funny woman who won’t let anything breaks her down.

Najma’s own Creativity

During my research about our artist Najma I couldn’t exactly limit her to one craft!

Is she a makeup artist, henna artist, hair dresser or a fashion model!!!!

As I said before she is a multi-talented artist so we had a hard time to figure out what kind of artist is she we had to ask her about it.

Najma answered” I’m a bespoke interior decor and henna artist but I’m not a makeup artist or a hair dresser”

Shockingly she is not a makeup artist because she seems to be an expert makeup artist.

I asked her if she thought about being one or making make up tutorial.

She said that it’s not her passion right now but she may post some tutorials in the future as she was asked a lot from others to make a tutorial about makeup and how to tie turban.

“I like playing with different mediums, honestly I love art and I feel I can express myself in so many ways using it” she added.

What is making her a special artist is that she is naturally talented; she wasn’t taught how to be an artist.


Najma taught herself everything and that’s what’s making her so special.

She started doing Henna in 2012 by practicing on herself and her sister by looking at a certain design and then trying to draw it.

Later she started posting her work on Instagram and people became interested in her products and started booking her.

Not just that! She became known to others not just because of her arts but also because of her own unique style.

She is being an artist and expresses her art in every possible way even in the way she dresses.

Najma loves to change her looks according to her mood.

Sometimes she would tie a turban, straighten her hair, go with her curly looks or even wear a wig.

Lately she is going with her turban look until she gets bored.

Najma’s Curly Routine

For sure we couldn’t miss out the chance of asking Najma about her secret Routine.

Luckily she was so generous to share her secret with us hard2know and we want to thank her for that.

  • I moisturize and seal every day.
  • Do the baggy routine every other night.
  • Co-wash and use a deep conditioner on Wednesday.
  • Use the Shampoo on Sunday.
  • Sometimes she braid her hair of wear a wig to protect her hair

Najma’s Time managment

Managing time is important and if don’t run the day, the day will runs you.

Najma is a working artist and a mother so it seemed with having her hands full it’s kind of hard to manage her time.

She said that is not the case with her.

In facts she is lucky to have an amazing support system from her mum and siblings who do help her a lot.

Also Najma is so lucky for having an independent 3-year-old daughter who is her mini little cute version.

Najma said “I wouldn’t ask for a better behaved kid”.


Art is her life and soul ” when I’m drawing or designing that’s when i feel relaxed the most” said Najma


Najma started her own business on Instagram with the encouragement of her mother,sister, brother and her best friend Hauwa who’s also a sister to her.

She opened her online store of bespoke home decor products and henna artist.

Her business was kind of hard at the beginning she said, ” I believe a person should charge what they are worth and not everyone gets how much time, energy and practice it takes” Najma added.

We thought that people in London didn’t have much knowledge about Henna but Najma told us that they know about it pretty well.

Henna Drawings are now all over the social media and a lot of celebrities do henna so it’s kind of popular over there.

Here is some of her work

Najma is really what her name means, she is simply a shinning star.

How to contact Najma

She doesn’t have an office or a store for now and she mainly works online.

You can check out her product via Instagram news feed or Instagram stories.

you can contact Najma via :

  • Instagram : Najmalina
  • WhatsApp: +447541534231
  • Mail: Najmalinaibrahim@gmail.com

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Last Update: March 11, 2024