In this digital age, you don’t need to leave your comfort zone to watch movies. You can watch them in your sweet home too. All you need is just a laptop with an active internet connection. On the Internet, you can find lots of popular movie download sites e.g. wordfree4u. They all have a huge collection of movies in full HD. Also, you can download movies in 360p and 480p in equal to or less than 500 MB.

But I found one common problem with all these download sites. Every time when a site gets popular, it get banned by the government. So, the chances are after that you will stuck up in finding ways to unblock them.

Also, there are many malicious sites available on the internet. They can install a virus in your device to steal/delete your personal data from it. So you have to be conscious about it before downloading movies from them.

Then, what is the solution to these problems?

Well, don’t have to worry about it. Because of these problem, I wrote this article. And, In this article, I added websites that are good at responsive and also contain malicious free content. On these websites, you can easily download your favorite movie or show.

Disclaimer: Most of these sites providing content from different movies industries without their permisiion. That’s one of the reasons government banned them when they become popular. I would suggest you to try a VPN for your privacy and security while surfing these sites.

Table of contents

  1. Popcornflix
  2. Internet Archive
  3. SnagFilms
  4. P2P GURU
  5. Afdah
  6. Netflix24 Online
  7. Go Download Movies
  8. and
  11. Los movies
  12. HDmovieshub
  13. RDXHD
  14. Mkvmoviepoint


Movie download sites for HD movies download or to Find a full HD movie

1. Popcornflix

Popcornflix, One of the best movie download sites to download your favorite show or a full hd movie

Popcornflix is one of the movie download sites for HD movies download. It has a huge collection of movies, shows, and other popular videos. Allegedly, It is own by Screen Media Ventures and comes with a very clean interface to give its users a good experience.

Popcornflix provides movies from wide genres like romance, comedy, action, classics, and Sci-fi too. It also has a different section for videos that got viral on the internet.

It is a fully responsive website, so you don’t get any problem while watching stuff from almost any device.

Popcornflix comes with such a big collection of entertaining stuff that you can access without any sign-up issues. Although you have to go through some ads, still they also have to pay bills. Also, they didn’t stuff their content with ads. So you don’t have to worry about it.

So visit their site to stream shows or for some HD movies download.

Visit Popcornflix by clicking here

2. Internet Archive

Internet Archive, One of the best movie download sites to download your favorite show or a full hd movie

If we talk about Internet Archive, the Internet Archive is not just only one of these movie download sites. It is a huge library of books, audio, software, and movies which is non-profit.

When you open this site you will see a message written on the top of the page. In this message, they told you to do some donations because they are running this site without a single ad.

They made this site on different categories of each type of content. You can browse feature film categories to watch movies and Tv shows category to watch different tv-shows. It is a good place to watch and download some classics like “The House on Haunted Hill”.

You can download some content in different video formats, according to your needs. Overall it’s a good place to HD movies download in free.

Visit Internet Archive by clicking here

3. SnagFilms

Snagfilms, One of the best movie download sites to download your favorite show or a full hd movie

With over 10,000 movies, Snagfilms comes under the 3rd number of our list of best movie download sites for HD movies download.

It has a wide range of movies in different languages and different genres e.g. Comedy, Science, Action, etc. It comes with the content in Hindi, Spanish, Chinese and Korean languages.

Except for some movies, on Snagfilms you can find some classics and documentaries too.

It is also the best place to watch some indie films. So, If you’re an indie movie fan that’d be best for you. Because some of the movies you won’t find anywhere except Snagfilms.

You can also download Snagfilms to download HD movies in your android/iOS.

It is easily available on the play store with no charges.

Visit Snagfilms by clicking here


P2PGuru, One of the best movie download sites to download your favorite show or a full hd movie

P2P Guru is a website with a wide range of movies, shows documentaries in different genres. It has a clean and responsive interface to have a good user experience. Also, it shows the movie ratings of every movie in the hover effect.

Like internet archive, it’s not just one of the movie download sites which only provide entertainment content. It also provides software, books, TV series, games, and adult movies too.

All the movies are available here to watch and download in 720 to 1080 px quality.

Also, it has a Join and earns system, In this way you can earn bitcoins by joining your friends to this site. P2PGuru provides notify me of features to get a notification when new movie upload on their site.

Overall P2PGuru is a must-try site if you are searching for a full HD movie website.

Visit P2PGuru by clicking here

5. Afdah

Afdah,  One of the best movie download sites to download your favorite show or a full hd movie

If you consider yourself a true movie buff or entertainment lover and not know about Afdah, then I would doubt you.

Afdah is one of the best entertainment and movie download sites. It is simple to use the site to watch all types of entertainment stuff and to HD movies download.

From Animation to talk show, sport to news, and from reality TV to short films, It has almost everything. It has a big collection of movies in western, thriller, musical, mystery and film noir genre.

Afdah has a really good categorize system to make all things in its place. You can browse movies by its director, actor, year country and even language. So, it won’t be a problem to find a movie on this website.

You can also download their app on Android, iPhone and on iPod. So, be sure to check this awesome website, if you’re really an entertainment lover.

Visit afdah by clicking here

Movie download sites for HD movies download or to Find a full HD movie

6. Netflix24 Online

Netflix24 online, One of the best movie download sites to download your favorite show or a full hd movie

I am damn sure that you know about Netflix. And I am also sure that you’re searching for its password list too. Well, Not everyone can afford its expensive subscription.

But what if I told you there is a website named as Netflix24 Online, where you can watch almost all the latest movies or Tv shows without paying a Buck.

Well, there is. I have just shared the link by writing its name.

Honestly, It’s not like the real Netflix, but it is not less than that. it has also a wide range of entertaining content from sports to Music and also Tv shows. You can use this site to download HD movies too because it has a feature of download movies in 720 and 1080px.

It provides this entertaining content with a cool black theme and smooth UI. You can know about the movie ratings too by clicking on them.

so, If you want to download movies like frozen2 or Stranger things and GOT, I would suggest you to check this site once.

Visit Netflix24online by clicking here

7. Go Download Movies

Go download movies, One of the best movie download sites to download your favorite show or a full hd movie

Go Download Movies is a great and famous website for HD movies download for almost every genre of movies.

Honestly, It does not have a quite impressive UI with slider and all movie posters with hoverable effect.

When you’ll visit this site, you will see 9 boxes of movie genres and some menus with a black background.

That’s it. Not a fancy animation effect, except some popcorn box header of the page. But This site works best for what we are searching for even if it is just a full HD movie.

Movie downloading sites for download a full HD movie.

And these sites provide all entertaining stuff in HD quality. All the movies on this site are easily available to download in 720 and 1080px.

You can download and watch movies from almost all popular movie genres like romance, horror, thriller, sci-fi and even cartoons are also available on this site.

So, If you love to feel some nostalgia moments by watching old cartoon series, You can watch them on Go Movie Download.

Visit Godownloadmovies by clicking here

8. and

Screenshot of and

Hdpopcorns is one of the popular movie download sites which we can use download full HD movie. Unfortunately, most of the time a site named HD popcorns become popular, the government takes action against it and makes it down in a few days.

But there are lots of developers who always come up with a site with this name.

There are lots of sites with this name but most of them not work. But here are two sites which I have tested personally and worked properly. has a really cool interface with a mobile responsive theme. It has movies and famous Tv shows from almost all genres, without any ad.

but when I tried to download some movies and shows, I found no links to download them.

One thing I like that you can upload your links for a movie by sign up for this site.

On the other side, was quite impressive. It has almost all movies and famous shows like Rick and Morty with all season’s episodes. It was also without ads and you don’t need to sign up for download and watch any show or movies.

Visit by clicking here and by clicking here


Screenshot of website. is one of the simple to use the website to get access to all the entertaining stuff. This site comes with a little bit different UI than other websites.

It has a unique Card slider with the latest updates notification like a news site to get the latest updates for movies.

Movie download sites for HD movies download or to Find a full HD movie

By clicking genre you’ll see most popular movies, recently added movies and movies which come under most download movies category.

It provides movies from Hollywood, Bollywood, Arabic and Japan film Industries. Also, like the previous site you can also provide or upload the link of a movie if you want to.

Except for movies you can download games from this site too. You can find games by filtering game genres too. This can be easy to find a game of interest.

Also, they provide an email opt-in box to enter your email. So when they upload a new movie you will get a notification mail directly in your email account.

So what are you waiting for?

Visit by clicking here


Screenshot of website is another popular movie download site for download your favorite show or your favorite full HD movie.

There is a negative point I found on this site that it contains ads. Sometime you will click on something on this site and it will start opening a page. But you can’t judge this site by just one thing.

It has a really good collection of famous and latest movies of Hollywood like Irishman. Also, It provides all these movies in full HD print to have a good experience.

With famous movies and Tv shows, has also a good range of anime. So it is good news if you love watching anime like naruto and One piece.

This site comes with a feature that you can search for movies by different countries, also if you want to watch movies on this site, you can use night feature to get some eye comfortability.

In the final, except ads, I like almost all parts of this site and I recommend you to try it once if you love watching entertaining stuff.

Visit by clicking here

11. Losmovies

Screenshot of Losmovies website

Losmovies is one of the movie download sites which you can access without even using a VPN. The one reason I didn’t use this site much because You have to register to their account to watch these movies.

Still, it’s good news that they are providing that content in a free account.

Losmovies has a clean, organized and simple to use the website. It is an ads-free website and that’s why this site gives you a smooth experience without any popup.

This movie primarily focused only on movies. But it provides you a couple of movies which you’ll not on another website.

It has a huge list of movies in different genres. Genres you’ll not find on another site. e.g. zombie movies, history movies, sports movies, and reality Tv movies. By this genre list, you can find a movie of your interest in a couple of minutes.

It provides a feature of searching a movie by its first alphabet and by numbers too. Also, you can find movies by sorting different categories like ratings, dates added, featured and by release date.

In the footer of Losmovies, you’ll find 5 more movies website. You can use them too, but most of them will not work without a VPN software.

So according to me, this was a good website to find and watch movies without much hustling.

I recommend you this website If you want to stream some different kinds of movies without facing some popups and paying no buck.

Visit losmovies by clicking here

12. HDmovieshub

HD movies hub, One of the best movie download sites to download your favorite show or a full hd movie

HDmovieshub is a website not just for download High Hd movies and shows. It is also for users who don’t want to consume much data to watch the latest movie.

They provide movies and shows which you can download in just 300 to 400 MB. Also, they provide content with watchable print in such a low amount of data.

It has not only Hollywood movies, but their site is filled with lots of other entertaining stuff. They have a good collection of famous and latest episodes of the Netflix series. So, Netflix lovers should visit this site.

HDmovieshub has an organized easy to use Interface. You can find web series by surfing different categories like HBO series, CW series or AMC series.

You can find the different quality and amount of data consuming of movies. By clicking the “quality” menu and choosing the desirable quality and data you want. Also, you can find Hindi dubbed movies by just clicking the “Dual audio” menu.

They have recently removed the ads from their site, which gives a very good user experience.

You can join their telegram group to get updates about the latest movies and series. And you can visit their only Bollywood entertainment-focused site too.

Overall a must check site for entertainment lovers.

Visit HDmovieshub by clicking here


Screenshot of RDXHD website

RDXHD is one of the famous movie download sites which you can use for download full HD movie and your favorite Tv shows.

It is a popular site to download full HD movies and tv shows from different industries. So Government always tries to ban this or all the related proxies to access this site. But developer every time come up with a new proxy and same website.

The thing I love about RDXHD that you can watch the latest movies on this site and also download these movies from this site. The thing I hate about this site is that you’ll face pop-up while surfing this site.

But you can find movies in ultra HD format there. Also, it contains not only Hollywood but Bollywood and movies from Punjabi and South industry too. So you can say all the entertainment stuff of different languages at the same place.

Also, I found one of my favorite movies on this website, which was on less movie download sites. So, you can definitely check this site to find your favorite movie too.

Visit RDXHD by clicking here

14. Mkvmoviepoint

Screenshot of mkv website

Mkvmoviepoint is another website with more than 7000 movies and Tv shows. It has movies from South, Punjabi, Hindi and Hollywood industries with a separate section of erotica.

If you love to watch some recently popular Netflix series like “Black mirror” or “Orange is the new Black” and “WWE” episodes, then you’ll love Mkvmoviepoint.

If you’re from India, you can find the episode of Kapil Sharma show too, which is shot in 2019. Also, you can find Hollywood movies in Hindi dubbed too.

This site provides movies and shows in a low to HD quality and you can download the movies and shows from 300mb to 1 GB. That depends on your needs and how much data you want to use.

It has separate menus for hassling free site experience. For all Hollywood movies click on the menu Hollywood movie. To download movies only in 1080px, click on Hollywood 1080p.

Overall, I got a good experience from this site. Make sure to check this website.

Visit Mkvmoviespoint by clicking here


Screenshot of Primewire website

Last but not least. That’s what we can say for our last website of the list which is Primwire.

You simply cannot make a judgemental decision about Primewire without visiting here. Here is another link to this site if the above link stops working:

It has a huge collection of almost all movies, you’ll see on IMDb. You can watch and download them from it by providing links in the movie section you’ll choose.

It has a good collection of some international shows and you can see their schedule on this site. Except for Tv shows and movies this site provides episodes from some famous animes too like Naruto, One Punch Man.

You can make a playlist of your favorite movies and shows there. Also, It provides a forum section to have some discussion and share your POV about different movies.

You can find a movie search title in the search box or even entering the IMDb Id of the content you are looking for.

You’ll find lots of links under the movie from camrip print to a full HD movie print. One thing I don’t like about this website is that it has ads and contains lots of dead links.

Still, It is a website that you must check out.

Visit by clicking here

CONCLUSION about Movie download sites for HD movies download or to Find a full HD movie

Like I said before, there are lots of websites available on the internet, but some or malicious or some can’t just open without using a VPN software or some of them do both.

But the websites I provided in this are working properly even without a VPN and with not much adware. But still, most of the tech gurus advised using a VPN before visiting these websites. I would give you the same advice, even they are working properly without a VPN.

Also, these websites are available with full HD movie and show, So, you don’t have to search more to find HD movies. Just bookmark our page and save with name like HD movies download point.

I hope you’ll find this article helpful. Tell us which website you find best and also help our readers by sharing your experience.

Also, on what topic you want a list?

Tell us in the comments.

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