Roshdy’s building was built in 1961 in Alexandria, Egypt.

This building in known to be a cursed building since it was built, the Greek man who built it drown while he was in a fishing trip with his son so the building was left to his wife.

The wife after that incidence decided to sell it to a business man.

Since then a super natural phenomena kept on happening, first resident who rented the apartment in first flood died after few days in a huge fire in his apartment.

The second resident was doctor who opened his clinic in the second floor died after the opening of his clinic by three days in a car accident.

Still not scared or think that all of these incidence are normal or some just bad luck, then you have to continue reading to know what happened to the third and fourth resident!

The third resident in this cursed building was a woman who rented the apartment to live alone by herself since her children were all working abroad, this woman was found killed after few days from living in that apartment and the killer was never found.

The scariest story is the fourth resident story, they were newlyweds and it was their first night together and it was the worst night ever. The newlyweds after entering the apartment found the walls bleeding! And all the taps in the house were also pouring blood, they tried to run away but then found a woman in their living room and her head was cut and laughing on the floor. They wanted to get out of that apartment but they didn’t find the door as it disappeared.

On the morning the newlyweds were found fainted on the street.

People tried to bring sheikh in order to purify this building from these evil spirits but a shocking thing has happened.

The sheikh couldn’t find the stairs to go up and when he tried entering any apartment from the ground floor he didn’t find the doors!

This building up until now is closed and people are afraid from even walking around that building because they could hear voices screaming.

The mystery about this building and what it is really going on in it is still unsolved.

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