“Mann ki baat” is an Indian unique program that is being hosted by the prime minister of India “Narendra Modi”

The prime minister “Narendra Modi” started a program that is can reach the nation in different ways.

“Mann ki baat” which means heart’s voice started its broadcasting on radio then it expanded to Television.

It’s first broadcast was in October 2014 and it’s still being aired.

A website was built in order to receive peoples’ ideas and complaints and this is the first time to see something like this.

The program receives nearly 60 thousand ideas over the website and more than 140 thousand records by the listeners.

India is definitely the first country to bring to out this kind of idea to reality.

“Narendra Modi” is for sure the first prime minister to host one episode every month over the radio and television to talk to his nation.

Up until now the program released 52 episodes and each is talking about different ideas and problems that has been received from the Indian people.

“Narendra Modi Mann ki baat” makes the people feel close to the government as it’s allowing them to express their own thoughts in a very democratic way.

This is not the only thing that the prime minister “Narendra Modi” has been doing, he also made great achievements in different sections.

Narendra Modi top achievements

These are some of “Narendra Modi” achievement but not all of them for sure.

  • Launching health insurance scheme September, 2018, that has benefited 10 thousand poor patients.
  • Indians that have non-communicable illnesses and can’t afford the treatment are now having access to free healthcare.
  • Women in different villages are now having access to cooking gas which is undoubtedly healthy and economic.
  • Moreover Narendra is taking care of sanitation by starting to build toilets in different places to reduce public defecation around the streets.

The prime minister “Narendra Modi” is doing his best to reach to people and hear their problems, ideas and their demands from the government.

Although his political path has been hard since he started but he is for sure working hard for his country.

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Last Update: April 9, 2019