On the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, the US agency planning to take next giant leap with its ambitious Artemis programme that could send “the first woman and the next man” on the lunar surface.

“Artemis” the biggest way to reach to mars is named after the well-known twin sister of Apollo who is also the Goddess of the Moon and hunt.

In one of the statement, NASA said that in this new Artemis programme we will see the first woman and next man walk on the surface of the moon. The mission identity draws inspiration from the Apollo programme and follows its path in the direction of lunar exploration and a way to mars.

Through this programme, the astronauts of NASA explore various regions on the moon that are never visited before, figure out mysterious of the universe and test technology that bounds humanity farther into the Solar system.

In the upcoming year, we will not visit the moon as a destination but it is resultant of the efforts of technology, science and human exploration that will show the path to mars. On the lunar surface, we will pursue water ice and all-important natural resources that will enable deep space travel. From the moon, the humanity will take a major step towards mars”, NASA said.

The programme to return astronauts to the lunar surface is planned to launch by 2024, according to the U.S. space agency. It will cost about $30 billion which is equivalent to the cost of the Apollo programme will take place 50 years ago.

Therefore, as per the plan in the next five years, it involves the recruitment of international partners and some private companies, develops a lunar space station and manned landings on the Moon’s the South Pole.

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Last Update: July 25, 2019