Netflix December Calendar

In 2019, Netflix emerges out as the best online streaming channel with various top-rated movies and popular shows. Starting from January till November it release a lot of genre (action, comedy, adventure, drama, thriller, superhero, science-fiction) movies and TV shows such as Orange Is the New Black, Peaky Blinders, El Camino: A Breaking Bad, The Irishman, Eli, Homecoming, Paddleton, Murder Mystery, Stranger Things, Mindhunter, Unbelievable, You and various others. Continue to reading Netflix December Calendar…

This Christmas month also, it gifted new content and various interesting original TV series to its fans that make Christmas holidays more exciting. Here is the list of best and upcoming original TV shows on Netflix in December 2019.

#December 5

1. Home for Christmas

Netflix’s new six-episode series “Home of Christmas” stars Johanne, who tired of the constant comments, at the age of 30 try to find a boyfriend to bring home for Christmas holidays. This Norwegian Christmas tale is an interesting 24-day hunting journey releasing on Netflix.

2. V Wars

Ian Somerhalder, the star of Vampire Diaries, coming back with a new vampire series on Netflix. The story focuses on a renowned doctor and his best friend that face a massive war between humanity and vampires.

#December 6

1. Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show

Astronomy Club: The Sketch Show as its name implies is a sketch show that highlights the troupe Astronomy Club that focuses its humor on pop culture and other events that speak to the black experience.

2. Fuller House

One of the popular Netflix show Fuller House says goodbye at the end of this year, after its interesting fifth season. The show centers on Stephanie and Jimmy, a beautiful married couple entering into the parenthood stage with their newborn baby.

3. Glow Up

If you love to explore the beauty and makeup things, then you surely watch Netflix’s new original series “Glow up”. It is a competition in which makeup artists from all walks of life compete with each other on different platforms that include recreating celebrity looks, utilizing movie prostheses and a lot more.

4. Virgin River

Based on Robyn Carr’s author, Virgin River follows a midwife in heartache. The story focus on Melinda Monroe who works in an ad and feels that she found the perfect opportunity to escape the loss of her husband. But as time passes, things get complicated and give romance story an emotional look.

#December 9

1. A Family Reunion Christmas

Netflix’s new show A Family Reunion Christmas coming in 2020 will bring special Christmas episode for its fans. It shows M’Dear and her sister who is preparing for the upcoming Christmas pageant, while their grandfather will teach children the important lesson about the holidays.

#December 18


Netflix’s new music-based series, Soundtrack warm Christmas with a bunch of love-struck L.A. teens from widely different backgrounds. The emotional and romance series show the music in their hearts and minds.

#December 20

1. The Witcher

The most awaited fantasy-action TV shows The Witcher finally arriving on Netflix in late December. Netflix Game of Thrones shows the story of Geralt, a mutated monster hunter, who tries to find its place in a world full of people, who can be just as vicious as the monsters he faces. 

#December 24

1. John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch

Netflix’s new show “John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch” is an interesting TV show that put the comedian alongside a group of children aged 8-13 in an after-school special type program that is billed to be for all ages. It includes skits, conversations, songs and special guests like Jake Gyllenhaal.

2. Lost in Space

Netflix’s interesting drama series “Lost in Space” is coming back with the new season. After the blockbuster hit of Lost in Space first season the Lost in Space Season 2 must-watch episodes once again starring Robinson Family.

#December 25

1. Fast & Furious Spy Racers

Fast & Furious Spy Racers is a different show coming on Netflix in late December. The story focuses on the cousin of Dominic Toretto’s younger cousin Tony and others, who scouted by a government agency to infiltrate a criminal organization.

#December 26

1. You

You once again hit the Netflix with its interesting and entertaining storyline. After Season one finale, Joe is returning with an ex with whom he doesn’t want to interact. The series has a bigger story to explore and craze you.


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