Netflix’s Mexican television series “Diablero” is out to watch online and download. After the success of season one, the horror genre drama once again comes back with the second season on the popular streaming giant.

Based on a book title El Diablo me obligo written by Francisco Haghenbeck, the horror fiction series set in Mexico City. It revolves around Father Ramiro Venture and others and uncovers various twists and turns which never watched on streaming channels before.

Like season one, season two also contains an interesting storyline, cast, and various other things, which are mentioned in this blog, along with watch online and download link.

Diablero Season 2: Storyline

Netflix’s new web series Diablero explores the story of a young priest Father Ramiro Ventura who recruits modern-day demon hunters Heliodoro “Elvis” Infante, Keta, Nancy, and Ventura and a paranormal expert to find Keta’s kidnapped son. The trio unleashes a series of events that could determine the fate of humanity.

It consists of a total of six interesting episodes that are easy to watch online and download on video-streaming channel Netflix.

Diablero Season 2: Episodes

Episode 1: Searching for Venture

The first episode of the top-rated series Season two shows a mysterious club owner who seeks Elvis’s help.

Watch and download here

Episode 2: The Ahuizotl

In the second part of the series, the trio (Nancy, Keta, and Elvis) cross the underworld to find Venture and bring him home.

Watch and download here

Episode 3: Tears of the Devil

The third episode shows a dangerous monster whose victim’s bones are as black as night and no one knows how to kill it.

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Episode 4: Coatlicue

In the fourth episode of the 2020 horror series crew set a trap to catch the monster with the help of Lupe.

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Episode 5: You Don’t Choose your Family

The flashback part of the web series uncovers some past secrets and happening related to the childhood of Mayaken.

Watch and download here

Episode 6: The Black Key

The final part of the web series shows Elvis and his friends who join forces when time running out to protect the portal.

Watch and download here

Where you watch this Netflix series?

The second season of the Mexican horror drama is released on popular streaming channel Netflix on January 31, 2020. So, you can watch and download it from there.

You also get all the latest information and download links related to Diablero Season 2 on the best entertainment website name Hard2Know.

Diablero Season 2: Cast

The cast of Diablero includes various Spanish and Mexican characters such as Christopher von Uckermann stars as Father Ramiro Ventura; Horacio Garcia Rojas plays the role of the “Diablero” Elvis Infante, Giselle Kuri as Nancy Gama, Fatima Molina as Enriqueta Infante and Dolores Heredia as Mama Chabela.


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