Netflix along with writer-director Sooni Taraporevala (Salaam Bombay) brings something different for its viewers. Fictionalized version of a short documentary of the same name by Taraporevala and based on the true story of Mumbai boys Amiruddin Shah and Manish Chauhan and their Israeli-American mentor Yehuda Maor, the new documentary of 2020 “Yeh Ballet” cover various important issues of the society such as lack of income, opportunity, language barriers, prejudice based on community and class, complexity of the dancers’ inner battles or community conflict and various others.

The documentary of 2020 shows an interesting storyline and characters that never watched on the television screen before. Here, we mention all details related to this new documentary, along with its watch online and download.

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Yeh Ballet: Storyline

The one-hundred and the seventeen-minute movie focuses on two boys Asif and Nishu. Asif (Achintya Bose), a petite boy with a shaggy head of hair and a rebellious streak, part of a low-income family against the backdrop of a fishing community. Nishu (Manish Chauhan), a son of a taxi driver, struggle between a dutiful son and a devoted passion for dance.

Both of them meet at a local dance school. In starting, they are disdainful of one another and compete for the attention of their ballet teacher, Saul Aaron (Julian Sands). But later, under Saul’s tutelage, they become great allies.

The documentary shows interesting twists and turns which the audience enjoys watching with friends and family.

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Where to watch the documentary?

Yeh Ballet is a new documentary of Netflix, so it is available to watch online and download on Netflix from February 21, 2020.

So, enjoy the web series with the easily purchased plans of Netflix or by using its 30 days free trial version.

Its latest information and important news are available on the interesting and best entertainment website Hard2Know.

Watch and download here

Yeh Ballet: Cast

Netflix 2020 documentary movie include various characters such as Julian Sands as Saul Aaron, Ballet teacher, Danish Husain as Asif’s father, Heeba Shah as Asif’s mother, Vijay Maurya as Nishu’s father, Achintya Bose as Asif, Manish Chauhan as Nishu, Boman Irani, Rahul Khanna and Sarah-Jane Dias as judges and others.

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Yeh Ballet: Trailer

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