Keep Breathing is Netflix’s limited series about survival. Being a limited series it only has six episodes in total. Here is what we know about the series and where to watch it for free

Keep Breathing… survival series

Keep breathing is a Netflix series about a woman who has to fight for survival. Moreover, this is a limited series, specifically created for Netflix. The story is about a sharp and intelligent woman who is travelling when her plane crashes in the middle of nowhere! Being the only survivor she must keep herself alive and return to her normal life.

The series stars:

Melissa Barrera as Liv, a sharp attorney who crashes in the middle of the Canadian wilderness.

Jeff Wilbusch as Danny, Liv’s love interest.

Florencia Lozano as Liv’s mother

Juan Pablo Espinosa as Liv’s father

Austin Stowell as Sam, a co-pilot who lets Liv fly with them.

Keep Breathing was originally produced by Warner Brothers. However, rather than HBO max, the series was available on Netflix for the viewers. Although the trailer of the series shows that it is available on Netflix hence it is official. The trailer literally gives you chills. You can watch the trailer on YouTube.

What do we know about the series?

In the trailer, we can see that Liv is quite stressed. A faint voice says that she is running from something, she is avoiding something or someone. But after landing in the middle of the sea, she is desperate to go back. She needs someone to find her.

We can also see that being alone she has varied thoughts. She is depressed and lonely, thinking that no one will ever find her because no one cares about her! Such intrusive thoughts run through her mind. But she decides to keep going, KEEP BREATHING. Netflix’s limited series talks about Liv’s survival and in turn many people’s survival on a daily basis.

Where can you watch the series?

The series was released on 28th July on Netflix. The series has in total 6 episodes of around half an hour. You can also watch this limited series on Torrent sites where you can download it too.

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