New Amsterdam season 5 is out and the medical drama lovers are more than excited about it! You can now watch New Amsterdam on Netflix.

Are you intrigued by the life of doctors and other healthcare staffs? Do you ever wonder what would it be like inside an operation theatre? If you are often curious about such things than a medical drama is a must watch for you. New Amsterdam is one of the top medical dramas out there and you would definitely not regret binge watching this series.

New Amsterdam is an American series based on a book by Eric Manheimer named Twelve Patients: Life and Death at Bellevue Hospital. This medical drama series first released in 2018 and received a love from viewers across the world.

The last episode of final season of the medical drama series, i.e. New Amsterdam Season 5 released on 17 January 2023 and it has left fans wishing they could see more of it. With the final episode of the series already out, the medical drama has lately being a trending topic of discussion among the medical drama lovers.

If you have not yet watched New Amsterdam Season 5 or any of its earlier seasons, here is all you need to know about the medical drama series on Netflix:

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What is the overall premise of New Amsterdam?

New Amsterdam is a 2018 American medical drama series directed by David Schulner. This medical drama became a huge hit since its release in 2018 and now that its finally over, fans have been feeling a little sad about it. So what exactly is this popular medical drama series about?

New Amsterdam Season 5 : All You need to know about the medical drama series

The storyline of New Amsterdam focuses on Dr. Max Godwin. Dr. Godwin is the medical director of one of the oldest public hospitals in America.
After being appointed as the medical director, Dr. Godwin takes on a mission to reform the hospital’s neglected and decaying facilities in order to better serve the patients.

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How many seasons are there in this medical drama series on Netflix?

There are a total of five seasons of New Amsterdam. With the first episode of the series being released on September 25 2018, its final episode released on January 17 2023 after enjoying a lot of success and receiving love from viewers across the world.

Spanning over five seasons, there are a total of 89 episodes in this medical drama series. Now that all its episodes are out, you can binge watch this medical drama on Netflix.

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Who is in the cast of New Amsterdam?

Ryan Eggold plays the role of Dr. Maximus Goodwin, or simply Max Goodwin in all the seasons of New Amsterdam. He is the main lead and the medical director at New Amsterdam Medical Center.

Freema Agyeman plays the role of Dr. Helen Sharpe. Dr. Helen is the Head of the Oncology Department in the first four season of the medical drama.

Janet Montgomery plays the role of Dr. Lauren Bloom. Dr. Lauren is the Head of the Emergency Department.

Jocko Sims portrays the character Dr. Floyd Reynolds who is Head of Cardiothoracic Surgery Division in this series.

Tyler Labine plays the role of Dr. Ignatius Frome. Popularly called Iggy, Dr. Frome is the Head of the Psychiatry Department.

Anupam Kher plays the role of Dr. Vijay Kapoor in this medical drama. He is the former Head of the Neurology Department in the first three seasons of the drama.

Sandra Mae Frank portrays the character Dr. Elizabeth Wilder. Dr. Wilder is a a deaf surgeon as well as the newest Chief of Oncology in the New Amsterdam season 5 and season 4.

This was all about the main cast of the medical drama series that has been trending on Netflix these days. Other cast members of the medical drama includes Megan Byrne , Alejandro Hernandez, Debra Monk, and Em Grosland among many others.

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Is New Amsterdam on Netflix?

Netflix being one of the most popular streaming platform across the globe recently added New Amsterdam this January. However, only first two seasons of the popular medical drama series is available on Netflix right now.

You can watch them here on Netflix.

But what about the New Amsterdam season 5 and the other two seasons? You do not have to wait much longer to watch the remaining episodes of the medical drama series as they are soon coming to Netflix!

The third and fourth season of New Amsterdam is set to be available for viewers on Netflix on February 1 2023. With four seasons of the medical drama being available on Netflix, we can expect New Amsterdam Season 5 to be available on Netflix soon too.

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Where can I watch all the seasons of New Amsterdam?

If you do not have the patience to wait for New Amsterdam Season 5 to release on Netflix, you can binge watch the medical drama series on Peacock.

All the episodes of the trending medical series are available to stream on Peacock right now. You can watch them here.