Love binge watching kdramas? Here are all the new kdramas on Netflix that are releasing this January.

Alchemy of Souls- One of the must watch new kdramas on Netflix

The year 2022 was a great one for all the kdrama lovers out there. Netflix released some very great kdramas last year that were loved by viewers across the world. Some of the most popular kdramas Netflix were Extraordinary Attorney Woo, Twenty Five Twenty One, Our Blues, Narco Saints, Tomorrow, among many others.

From Business Proposal to All of us are dead, or Little Women to the Alchemy of Souls, we enjoyed a vast genres of kdramas on Netflix last year. Now that the new year is here, Netflix has added many new kdramas this month for all the kdrama lovers out there.

If you are one of those kdrama lovers out there who is wondering which kdrama to watch next, then we’ve got you! Here is a list of all the new kdramas on Netflix releasing this January 2023 for you:

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Crash Course in Romance- One of the top new kdramas on Netflix

Genre– Romance, Comedy

No of episodes- 16

Air date- January 14, 2023

Cast- Jeon Do Yeon, Jung Kyung Ho, Ro Yoon Seo, Lee Bong Ryun

Are you a fan of Jung Kyung Ho from the popular Kdrama Hospital playlist? If yes, then Crash Course in Romance is one of the new kdramas on Netflix that you would not want to miss watching!

The charming actor is back to play the role of a famous hagwon ( private coaching institute) instructor this time.

This new Netflix romance comedy kdrama follows the story of a mother who runs a side dish store. When her daughter seeks to enroll in a famous math instructor’s class, she must enter the competitive world of private education.

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Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow- Dive into the fantasy world of Daeho and its powerful young mages

Genre- Fantasy, Romance, Action

Total episodes- 10

Cast– Lee Jae Wook, Go Yoon Jung,Shin Seung Ho, Yoo Joon Sang, Hwang Min Hyun, Arin

Alchemy of Souls was one of the most popular kdramas on Netflix in 2022. The drama became a hot topic o of discussion on the internet owing to its unique storyline, amazing cast and a great OST. Its first season released in June 2022 however it ended in a cliff hanger which kept the viewers suffering while waiting for its second to release.

Netflix finally released the first few episode of the second season of Alchemy of Souls which is known as Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow in December and the remaining released in January this year.

The plot of Alchemy of souls follows the life of mages in a fictional nation named Daeho. The story of the second season of this awaited kdrama Netflix begins three years after the events of first season ended.

Jang Wook, a young mage who is born with the energy of the star of the King must fight everyone who have exchanged their souls with others. In the meanwhile, he also has to deal with his heartache and twisted fate.

All the episodes of Alchemy of Souls: Light and Shadow, a must watch kdrama Netflix are already out. You can watch it on Netflix.

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Trolley- One of the must watch new Kdramas on Netflix

Genre- Mystery, Melodrama

Total no of Episodes- 16

Cast- Kim Hyun Joo, Park Hee Soon, Kim Mu Yeol, Ryu Hyun Kyung, Jung Soo Bin

Are you tired of watching romance kdramas? We all love watching romance kdramas with handsome oppas and pretty eonnis. But there could be times when you might want a break from the sweet rom coms to something mysterious or tragedic.

Trolley is one of the new kdramas on Netflix that will keep you hooked up on its mystery. The plot of this kdrama follows the story of a rich political family.

When struck with tragedy, the wife of an assemblyman is forced to reveal secrets about her family and face her past perplexing past.

You can watch Trolley on Netflix

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The Interest of Love- A sweet workplace romance kdrama Netflix that you would not want to miss watching

Genre- Romance, Melodrama, Office

Total no of episodes– 16

Cast- Yoo Yeon Seok, Moon Ga Young, Geum Sae Rok, Moon Tae Yu, Jung Ga Ram

Did you love Moon Ga Young as in the kdrama Netflix, True Beauty? The gorgeous actress is back with Yoo Yeon Seok ( Ahn Jung Won in Hospital Playlist) in a sweet romance, office melo kdrama which will make your heart skip a beat.

The Interest of Love is one of the new kdramas on Netflix which shows the story of a not so simple workplace romance.

Office romance is one of the sweetest kdrama romance trope and let’s be honest that we all love it! This office romance kdrama Netflix tells the story of four men and women working in a bank. They soon get engaged in tangled office romances. Now what is left to see is how far they can go for their love.

You can watch The Interest of Love on Netflix

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