Most of the kids have watched Pokemon cartoons and love them a lot. Pikachu, psyduck, and others are some of the best Pokemons that we watched in various Pokemon series, movies, and video games.

Pokemon video games are one of the popular video game categories that children and other people play on their favorite gaming console Nintendo Switch.

Due to the increasing demand for Pokemon games every year various Pokemon video games are released for its audience.

If you are also a Pokemon lover and like to play their games on your holidays or every day. Then check the list of new Pokemon games mentioned below.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Released on: November 18, 2022

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet are the best role-playing video games developed by Game Freak for Pokemon lovers.

Set in the Paldea region, the player in this game joins one of the schools (Pokemon Scarlet and Pokemon Violet) and plays special independent study projects.

Three different stories connected to the adventure while traveling through the Pladea region.

The first one named Victory Road, in which players go through gyms of different locations to get Champion Rank.

The second one named Path of Legends in which players join Arven in finding rare ingredients.

The third one named Starfall Street in which you challenge team Star, a group of rebellious students that create problems for the school.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Released on: January 28, 2022

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Action Role-playing new Pokemon video game “Pokemon Legends: Arceus” is the eighth generation of Pokemon video game series.

Set in the Hisui region, the player in this game goes on a survey mission from the main point in Jubilife village.

The gamer in this new game catches the Pokemon by sneaking up and throwing a well-aimed Pok ball. You can toss the ally Pokemon containing Poke ball near wild Pokemon to enter into the battle.

The game has various newly discovered regions, untamed landscapes, and mythical Pokemon known as Arceus.

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Pokemon Brillant Diamond and Shining Pearl

Released on: November 19, 2021

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

A remake of the 2006 role-playing video games Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, this interesting new game was developed by ILCA.

Set in the Sinnoh region, before starting this game, the player first chooses the appearance and then first partners Pokemon from Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup.

Then you move through the regions and challenge the strongest Pokemon leaders of the town. Defeat them and win eight badges to become a part of the Pokemon league.

After that compete with the players over there and become the strongest Pokemon trainer- Champion.

Pokemon Unite

Released on: July 21, 2021

Platforms: Nintendo Switch, Android, iOs

One of the best new Pokemon video games, Pokemon Unite is a multiplayer, online battle arena video game.

In this game, trainers bring their Pokemon to harness the powerful energy available in Aeos Island that makes Pokemon stronger and enhances their abilities.

The player selects one Pokemon and chooses its moves and items it holds during the battle.

As battle moves ahead Pokemon becomes stronger and learn new moves. They defeat other Pokemon and collect Aeos energy they drop.

Then, the player deposits these energies into the opponent’s goal zone and earns points.

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New Pokemon Snap

Released on: April 30, 2021

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

The on-rail first-person new Pokemon game “New Pokemon Snap” was developed by Bandai Namco Studios.

A sequel to the 1999 Nintendo Pokemon game Pokemon Snap, in this game player is a Pokemon photographer.

Players take photographs of the Pokemon while traveling in the Laboratory of Ecological and Natural Sciences in the Lental region.

They help Professor Mirror and his assistants by adding photographs and other information to the Photodex which contains more than 200 entries of different Pokemon.

Players also go through various other adventures and investigate phenomena while playing this interesting Pokemon game.

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