October Faction

Netflix’s new science-fiction television series “October Faction” is out to watch online and download. Based on comic series of the same name by Steve Niles and Damien Worm, this new show is surprisingly deep and funny and is enhanced by the extraordinarily good chemistry between its leads.

Like vampire diaries and another monster and vampire show, October Faction is also Horror drama which includes monsters and monsters killing agents. This new series has many interesting pieces of information and scenes that you must know and which are mentioned below.

October Faction: Storyline

Set in Cambridge, Ontario, the show focus on two government agents, Fred and Deloris Allen, who work for a secret government agency, Presidio and tasked to kill the murderous monsters that are part of October faction. After Fred’s father died, they return to hometown with their two young twin children Geoff and Viv. They hide their identities from children and also discover some unusual activities happening in the town.

This new Netflix web series is an interesting drama that never watches on the television screens. It comprises a total of 10 episodes which are mentioned below.

October Faction Season One: Episodes

Episode1: Presidio

The first episode shows two secret government agents, Fred and Deloris who hide their identities from their children. For them, both are insurance agents.

Episode2: No country for old vamps

The second episode begins with the flashback. It shows the time when Fred and Deloris team up the first time to kill the monsters that killed Deloris’s father.

Episode3: The Horror Out of Time

Episode4: Soirees of Future Past

Episode5: Truth and Consequences

Episode6: Open your eyes

Episode7: Nadir

Episode8: Alice

Episode9: Bonds of Blood

Episode10: The October Faction

Where you watch this series?

The popular television series “October Faction: Season One” is premiere on January 24, 2020, on your favourite streaming giant Netflix. So, you watch online and download it from there.

Download October Fraction season 1 all episode

October Fraction Season One: Cast

Created by Damian Kindler, the October Fraction Season One cast includes various awesome characters such as Tamara Taylor as Deloris Allen, J.C. MacKenzie as Fred Allen, Aurora Burghart as Viv Allen, Gabriel Darku as Geoff Allen, Wendy Crewson as Maggie Allen and various others.

October Fraction Season One: Must-watch Trailer


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