How cool would it be if our daily job turned into a time travel adventure? That is what happens in this Amazon Prime original series Paper Girls, whose season 2 is in motion. If you haven’t watched it here’s what it is about and a quick recap of season 1

What is the series Paper Girls about?

The series is about four girls who stumble upon deep secrets during one of their jobs. Four neighbourhood girls take up the job of delivering newspapers in the town. Although this seems like a very boring job, this group of kids was lucky enough to get a step closer to their future selves! This American science fiction drama is originally based on the 2015 comic book series of the same name. The comic book was published in a 4-year span from 2015 to 2019.

Since its release in July 2022, the series received a huge response. And after the cliffhanger ending of season 1, Paper Girls season 2 release is a must! This article will give you details about further developments and also a quick recap of season 1. Let us first look into what happened in season 1.

A quick recap of Paper Girls season 1…

Where are the girls now?

Well as we all know over season 1 the girls get to know the horrible truth of the timeline. And in the end, we see that the Old Watch, finally get a hold of the girls. Those who don’t know the Old Watch try to maintain the timeline without causing any disturbance. On the other hand, we have the STF who wants to change the timeline. The girls at the end of season 1 meet the Grand Father aka The leader of the Old Watch. He explains the working of time and how any alteration causes time to break which leads to the end of the universe.

The four girls however have found themselves in a time loop and can’t seem to get out. They meet their future selves many times. But the main reason that there should be a season 2 is that all four of them are now in different timelines scattered everywhere. Season 2 will show us if they would reunite and if they would then how will that exactly happen? Moreover, who will be successful in this time war, Old Watch or the STF?

What will we see in season 2?

The biggest mystery to be solved in season 2 is of bringing the girls back in their own timeline. The ending of season 1 shows the girls in different decades. We might see GrandFather working hard than ever to unite the girls and send them back home. The girls being in different decades is like an alteration to his timeline. He would want to change that.

We know for sure that the main cast will undoubtedly be back for the second season. That includes Mac (Sofia Rosinsky), KJ (Fina Strazza), Tiffany (Camryn Jones) and Erin (Riley Lai Nelet). And the one who is the hope of bringing the girls back, the GrandFather (Jason Mantzoukas) will also be back for Paper Girls season 2. Although there is no solid confirmation about a release date or renewal of season 2, but we are pretty sure it’s on the way! Till then if you haven’t watched Paper Girls then do watch it on Amazon Prime Video. Here is the trailer for Paper Girls.

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