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Love dating shows? Perfect Match Netflix is the hottest dating show right now with many familiar faces from Love is Blind, Too Hot To Handle, and other popular Netflix reality shows.

Perfect Match Netflix– One of the hottest dating shows you must watch!

Reality shows and Netflix go hand in hand. When it comes to showing unscripted reality shows that are fun, engaging, romantic and often hot, Netflix is second to none. Being the most popular streaming platform all across the world, there are just so many binge worthy reality shows on Netflix. Netflix especially has quite a good collection of dating shows such as Love is Blind, The Ultimatum, Singles Inferno, Too Hot to Handle, and so on.

Perfect Match Netflix is one of the most recent dating reality show addition on the popular streaming platform and it is already being talked about all over the world. Released on February 14, 2023 on the special occasion of Valentine’s Day, Perfect Match is already one of the most trending series on Netflix right now. So, let’s find out more about the cast, release dates of the episodes, and many other things about the hot reality show:

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What is Perfect Match Netflix about?

As you can already guess from its name, Perfect Match is a dating reality show on Netflix. This trending dating reality show brings back some of the most popular singles from some of the the top dating reality shows on Netflix such as The Ultimatum, Too Hot to Handle, Love is Blind, and others.
In this dating show, singles seeking love compete to develop relationships with each other. The most suited couple or the ” perfect match” also hold the power to break other existing couples, or could even play matchmaker and sends them on dates with other singles on the show.

Perfect Match is one of the hottest dating shows on Netflix right now and you must watch it right away!

Watch it on Netflix

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How many episodes are there in Perfect Match?

There are a total of 12 episodes of Perfect Match. Each episode will be an hour long and will release in different parts in a span of three weeks.

The first four episodes of the love seeking show released on Valentine’s Day. Episodes 5 through 8 of this hot and trending show released yesterday on February 21. And now that eight episodes of the dating show is already out, you can expect the last four episodes of the show to release on February 28.

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Is there a trailer of the hot Netflix dating show?

Perfect Match is one of the top trending shows on Netflix for the past few days. The dating reality show brings back some of the familiar faces from the other popular reality shows which is one of the reasons why it is being talked about all over the internet.

The official trailer for Perfect Match Netflix released on February 2, and you can already see a lot of drama going on in the trailer. One thing you can expect from the dating competition show after watching the trailer is that this show is gonna be quite spicy and we are in for it!

Watch the official trailer

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Who is in the cast of Perfect Match Netflix?

The cast of Perfect Match consists of some of the popular faces from the other dating reality shows on Netflix such as Love is Blind, The Ultimatum, Too Hot to Handle, etc.

Many attractive and popular singles from the show are back again on a brand new dating show to find their “someone special” or as the title of the show suggests, to find their ” perfect match” !

Here are all the contestants of one of the hottest dating shows on Netflix:

Abbey Humphreys – Was in Twenty Somethings

Bartise Bowden – The popular runaway groom from Love Is Blind is back to find love in Perfect Match Netflix

Anne Sophie Petit Frere-The popular real estate agent from Selling Tampa

Calvin Crooks – The professional footballer who was in The Circle

Joey Sasso – The popular guy from The Circle known for his outgoing personality

Chase DeMoor- Was in Too Hot To Handle

Chloe Veitch – Was in Too Hot To Handle and The Circle

Colony Reeves- A baddie real estate agent from Selling Tampa

Damian Powers- Was in Love Is Blind

Diamond Jack- From Love Is Blind

Francesca Farago- The popular rule breaker from Too Hot To Handle

Dom Gabriel- The poker face guy from The Mole

Georgia Hassarati – The fan favorite from Too Hot To Handle

Ines Tazi – Was in The Circle: France

Izzy Fairthorne – Was in Too Hot To Handle

Kariselle Snow -Was in Sexy Beast, the wildest dating shows on Netflix

Lauren ‘LC’ Chamblin – Was in Love Is Blind

Mitchell Eason – The charmer from The Circle

Savannah Palacio- Was in The Circle

Shayne Jansen- Was in Love Is Blind

Nick Uhlenhuth- The Jack of All Trades, was in The Circle

Will Richardson – Was in The Mole

Zay Wilson- The heart broken guy from The Ultimatum is back to find love in Perfect Match!

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