“game of thrones” one of the most popular series globally which was brought to screen by HBO.

The serious made a great success and had a high number of watchers. it’s only available on HBO and its streaming service which both require subscription.

Now these days it’s difficult to watch the series that you like easily as most of these series are being aired in platforms which require subscription and it may be expensive.

Anything that is streaming can now be recorded and saved, later on can be published across the internet. Due to the required subscriptions to watch shows people are trying to watch and download the series using illegal ways.

According to statistics the seventh season of “Games of thrones” was pirated in September 2017; its final episode was illegally watched 120 million times in just three days from being released.

Although “Game of thrones” is one of the most popular series but it was not the most pirated show of last year as the most pirated series was “the walking dead”.

The piracy problem is in increase as people are saying that they are interested in only one show and they are not interested in the other things offered by the channel so why should they pay for a whole channel for only one show.

One of the internet pirates said that it’s not viable for him to pay 150 dollars just to watch one show, he also added that the show creators deserve their money  but he wants for the content that he wants to watch a not for other shows that he is not interested in.

HBO has been battling piracy for a long time now; they have sent letters to internet providers of pirates stating that it’s easy to watch their programs can be streamed easily and legally on many devices by only adding HBO subscription.

The eighth season is supposed to be released on April 14 and with the piracy problem being unsolved the show will lose a lot of money that’s why HBO is trying to restrict the piracy.

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Last Update: March 31, 2019

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