In the last few years, the scientist’s observed that plastic pollutions are increased a lot. It drastically affects the life and health of Human beings and other animals live on earth or in the ocean.

In an analysis, it is found that approximately 8 million pieces of plastic are dumping in the oceans, seas or rivers every day. In 1950, when earth population is 2.5 billion, 1.5 million tons of plastic is produced, in 2016 when the world’s population reaches to 7 billion, more than 320 tons of plastic produce and if this will continue than there is no doubt that the RPM of plastic production is increased to double by 2034.

 We all know the fact that plastic is flexible, durable and cannot be break down easily. But on the other hand, it is also a real fact that it cannot be disposed of quickly. “A single bottle of plastic can last for 450 years in the marine environment”.

1. What are the sources of Plastic pollution?

In the present day, the most common and dangerous plastic pollution is Poly-vinyl Chloride (P.V.C). It is a soluble chemical that is used in food containers, water pipe, blood medicine, etc. The chemical when dissolved in these containers then it causes cancer and skin diseases.

sources of Plastic pollution

Like other countries, India is also facing problem in disposing of the plastic that produced every day. It is found that approximately 26000 tons (CPCB estimates 2012) of plastic produced in a single day and the number is kept on increasing.

2. How to reduce the use of plastic in everyday life?

reduce the use of plastic in everyday life

Government and other agencies are figuring out ways to reduce the amount of plastic. They are raising awareness among people for the removal of plastic. But it’s not enough, not only the government but every person has to take initiative to control the use of plastic. People should follow “Me first and then everyone”

Every person should estimate the amount the plastic he/she produced every day and follow steps to dispose or reduce it.

3. Steps to control plastic pollution are

Say “No” to plastic bags

Say “No” to plastic bags

In our everyday life, we use plastic for many purposes like carrying vegetables from the market or purchasing grocery from superstore, etc. But to avoid it, we should start carrying our reusable bags while going mall or market or anywhere.

Don’t forget to carry your water bottle

We all need water especially during traveling and we simply purchase a water bottle from the store. But do you know more than a million water bottle are sold every minute and it can’t be disposed of easily? So, instead of purchasing a new plastic water bottle every time, make a habit to carry your water bottle.

4. Avoid eating packed food

In the present scenario, we noticed that the craze of online food order is increased a lot. But have you noticed that the food we order is delivered in plastic packaging? So, instead of this, try to spend some quality time with your friends and family by dining outside.

5. Avoid the use of Plastic Tiffin box

To save your kids and earth from plastic pollution, avoid using plastic Tiffin box. As the food served in them might cause cancer and other diseases.

Say “No” to straw

Say “No” to straw

In everyday life, we all love to drink juices and other drinks and it’s good but is it necessary that we use a straw for that.  In an analysis, it is found that the USA alone uses 500 million straws every day.

So, instead of drink juice from straw, we can sip it directly as the taste of the drink doesn’t change and if you love to drink juice by straw then try to carry a reusable straw when you are going outside.

6. Avoid using balloons for party decoration

We all celebrate birthday parties and anniversaries by decorating the house with balloons. But to save your earth, stop using it and try to find out new ways to decorate your party hall.

7. Avoid the use of plastic disposable material

When you are going for a picnic or traveling from one place to another, avoid the use of plastic disposable material, instead of this carry your cutlery.

In the wedding season also we should replace the plastic glasses or other material from the reusable cutlery.


Plastic is dangerous for our environment. It is the biggest threat that covers the whole world soon. So, to control plastic pollution, try to follow the steps mentioned above and start following a habit to say “No” to plastic.

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Last Update: September 15, 2019