Today’s generation is engaging more in the virtual world. We connect with people through one click. The year 2020 comes with the pandemic COVID -19 where we are isolated and bounds to confined area, and connects through virtually.

Videogames are one of the platforms where people feel connected and used spare time to loosen themselves for some time. They used all their energy to win the game and enjoy the feeling that will come after accomplishment.

Millions of users engage in playing video games as it’s been scientifically proven that people that play video games have better spatial coordination and fine motor skills and build imagination than those who don’t.

The PlayStation 4, with more than 112 million consoles sold over seven years, has had a stellar year with exclusive titles like “Ghost of Tsushima”, Dark Souls III, and the Resident Evil become one the top picks so far. Kill the boredom with some exciting and interesting games available for your PlayStation 4.

Dark Souls III

Be ready and embrace the darkness with Dark Souls III. It is an action-packed game developed by FromSoftware, Inc and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment, released in March 2016.

It is the fourth installment of the Souls series and the final installment of the Dark Souls trilogy. The story of the game is deep and gives a brief description of how you may lead the game.

Software designed in such a way that the player faces challenges and comes across different types of enemies. The player used different kinds of weapons to beat their enemies.

The developer creates a huge world map with perfect visualization and proper direction to proceed in the game. It will reward you with a bunch of hidden items and focus on role-playing in which you can create your character.

It is available for single as well as multiplayer. The game liked by 94%user with a 9/10 stream. The PlayStation 4 game also supported on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows.

Death Stranding

The game revolves in the near future; mysterious explosions have devastated the globe, based on the series of supernatural events known as Death Stranding.

The story is different, full of imagination and plot twists. The Players control Sam Porter Bridges (Norman Reedus), tasked as a courier boy delivering, supplies to isolated colonies and reconnecting them via a wireless communications network.

It is a long bizarre journey that needs to be more engrossed with plot and hard to discover the complexity of the game, yet it is interesting to play if you stick to it.

The game liked by 87% user with a 9/10 stream and also supported on Microsoft Windows.

Resident Evil

Want to play the game that gives you a spine chilling sensation without knowing from which corner the terror step in. This game might open your all senses as it gives you a terrifying experience with unique elements, excellent graphics, and an attractive atmosphere.

The survival horror video game developed and published by Capcom, released in January 2017 for Resident Evil 7 scenario.

The game opens with the story of Ethan Winters as he starts his journey to search for his missing wife. Along his way, he encounters the evil Baker family, as Ethan is a civilian with few combat skills. He guards himself with a variety of weapons and used against them.

The Developer focuses more on horror, thrill, and exploration rather than on action like in Resident Evil 5 and Resident Evil 6.

The PlayStation 4 game liked by 93% with the 9/10 stream. The game also supported on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and Microsoft Windows.

Tom Clancy’s the Division 2

Grabs the opportunity to shoot out the enemies with the role reversal. The online action role-playing video game developed by Massive Entertainment and published by Ubisoft, released in February 2019.

The game offers more variety of missions, unique challenges with twists and turns, impressive graphics and engages with innovation techniques. The players allow creating their own Division agent by selecting and shaping the character’s gender and appearance.

The player used various varieties of weapons against enemies to knock and beat down. Join your friends to take on the game’s toughest missions. You’ll get all the help whenever you need it.

The PlayStation 4 game is available for multiplayer mode. When you reach the end-game, unique specializations help you to expand the boundaries and abilities.

The game liked by 90% of users. The game also supported by Xbox One, Google Stadia, and Microsoft Windows.


Love to save the world with superhero powers and their unique abilities, explore the game with one of the favorite superhero Spider-Man.

Marvel’s Spider-Man is an action-adventure game, developed by Insomniac Games and published by Sony Interactive Entertainment, released in September 2018.

It is based on the Marvel Comics superhero Spider-Man and inspired by the long-running comic book. The gameplay is engaging with beautiful graphics, satisfying music core, and fun to play.

The players explore the city of New York and defeat enemies with their combat, dynamic acrobatic, environmental interaction and shoot with web-shooters to swing between the building and face every obstacle.

The story of the game drawn from the history of Spider-Man comics. The game liked by 94% of users with a 4.6/5 stream.

Titanfall 2

Get ready with Titanfall 2 with more advanced gameplay, more polished and refined, better game graphics and experiences than Titanfall.

Titanfall 2 is a first-person shooter video game, developed by Respawn Entertainment and published by Electronic Arts. A sequel to 2014’s Titanfall, the game was released worldwide on October 28, 2016.

The player controls both the pilot and their titans, has more specific abilities unique to each ‘class’ which augments their offensive and defensive ability.

The non-stop action, dynamic moves and combat mechanics makes the player more engaged with the game and defeat their enemies with a large number of gadgets and weapons shotguns, submachine, guns, pistols, and explosive grenades.

The game liked by 97% of users with 10/10 steam. The game also supported by Xbox One and Microsoft Windows.


The action-adventure role-playing game developed by Epic Games and released in 2017. The game sets with two unique features that engage the players towards the game, one the ability to build structures like Minecraft and the battle royale format of the game.

The excellent and impressive graphic designs, available in three distinct game mode versions with the same gameplay- Fortnite: Save the world with the engagement of four players play together with the common objective on various missions.

Second the Fortnite Battle Royale, a free-to-play battle royale game in which up to 100 players fights to survive at last.

The last one Fortnite Creative, in which players can makes their battlefields and create worlds of their own.

Fortnite becomes a worldwide playing game, amassing 350 million players across the globe as of May 2020. The game also supported in Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Microsoft Windows, Classic Mac OS.

Super Mega Baseball 3

Playing sports in kind of fun in reality as well in virtual. Are you a fan of baseball? Super Mega Baseball 3 will excite you definitely as it adds lots of depth with excellent and enhancement graphics available in both online and offline mode, including a brand new Franchise mode.

The player has to make a careful and complex decision both on and off-field for a team. The Super Mega Baseball 3 developed and published Metalhead Software in Victoria, BC, Canada released in May 2020. It is for single as well as a multiplayer.

The game liked by 90% of users with a 9/10 stream. The new Super Mega Baseball 3 game supported on the platforms like Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, and Xbox.

The price is $44.99 for the new game which is bump in cost over Super Mega Baseball 2.

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Last Update: September 20, 2020