What would we prefer nowadays? As television is flooded with the same saas-bahu serials, goes on years on years. Does the young generation prefer these typical melodrama serials? 

Most of youngsters are social media addicts and shifted to the internet and wants some relatable meaningful content. Social media platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, Voot, Zee5, etc are being popular among viewers. 

Today’s life is hectic and viewers want some source of entertainment that makes us live a little easier. Feeling bored at home and scrolling the feed, couldn’t make your mind from where to start and what to watch. 

So, here is some of the popular web series released in 2020, you should binge-watch and spend your quality time. This 2020 web series got loved by users with a high IMDB rating.

Patal lok

IMDB: 7.7

The crime thriller Hindi web series directed by Avinash Arun and Prosit Roy and produced under the famous actress Anushka Sharma’s banner, Clean Slate Films.

The series released on May 15, 2020, on Amazon Prime. 

It is based on the novel “The Story of My Assassin” by Tarun Tejpal published in 2010.

The story digs out the dark secrets of the underworld and gives an insight picture of various forms of discrimination in India.

It took inspiration from the ancient domain i.e Swarglok consider as the door of heaven, Dharti lok consider the life on earth and patal lok consider the door of hell. 

It revolves around the mysterious assassination of the reputed journalist Sanjeev Mehra plays as Neeraj Kabi by four criminals. A high profile case lands on Inspector Hathi Ram Chaudhary plays as Jaideep Ahlawat and he started his investigation. 

As he goes deeper into the case, he encounters the dark and shocking discoveries in the past of four criminals. 


IMDB: 8.8

What are the new problems that arise in the lives of rural India? You must look at the back to back episodes of Panchayat. 

Directed by Deepak Kumar Mishra, Panchayat is comedy-drama show released on April 3, 2020 on Amazon Prime. 

Director Kumar Mishra shown remarkable work and wins the hearts of the views by keeping the plot simple and clean. 

Story summed up of the life of the people living in rural areas and throws the light on their day to day life problems.

The 25-year-old engineering student Abhishek plays as Jitendra Kumar in a lead role, whose life took a sharp turn when he joins as a secretary in the Panchayat office in a remote village in Uttar Pradesh. 

Due to a lack of job opportunity and societal pressure, he accepts this proposal leaving behind his comfortable lifestyle. How Abhishek tackle the problems of rural people and adjust to a new environment? Join Abhishek soon on Amazon Prime Video


IMDB: 8.4

Have you ever been faced your darkest sides, Asur might connect you? The thriller crime series directed by Omi Sen released on January 3, 2020.

The popular Hindi web series stars Arshad Warsi and Barun Sobti and touches various themes deeply rooted within the Indian Mythologies and presents a common perception of asuras, devas, the social structure, and conflict between them. 

It shows the story of a man who fights with his inner demons and troubled childhood in the grab of religion, myth, and dharma. 

The voot series explores the two worlds- the polarity of science against mythology, facts versus faith both evolve and creating chaos in a plot.

However, a series of serial murders in India is full of mystery, anxious the viewers how the serial killer cuts finger after each murder. 

While a team of forensic experts struggles to solve the mystery way beyond what meets the eye. Watch all the season streaming on Voot Select. 

Your Honor

IMDB Rating: 7.5

Based on the Israeli web series “Kvodo” created by Ron Ninio and Shlomo Mashiach, the new web series 2020 is interesting to watch and download.

The story of the SonyLIV series shows a reputed and respectable Judge Bishan Khosla (Jimmy Sheirgill) who lives in Ludhiana, Punjab with his teenage son Abeer (Pulkit Makol).

After Abeer’s mother’s death, Bishan gives both father and mother love to his son.

But one day changes everything in both lives.

Abeer due to three times fail in driving test, takes his father’s car and starts driving recklessly on the highway, hit a young boy in his way, who is the son of a popular gangster in Punjab.

When Abeer’s father Bishan knows about the accident, he tries all possible ways (crime also) to protect his son from a hit-and-run case.


IMDB: 7.7

The Bollywood actor Abhishek Bachchan and south actor Nithya Menen debut this series. Director Mayank Sharma came back with popular crime series with season breathe 2: Into the Shadows on July 10, 2020.

Sharing the poster of the psychological crime thriller, Abhishek tweeted, “She lies into the shadows, waiting to be found. 

Plot is summed up by the show’s tagline- “a father’s love can save a life… or take one.” It shows the father’s love for his daughter who can go to any extent to save his daughter. 

Avinash played by Abhishek Bachchan and Abha’s as Nitya Menon 6-year-old daughter-Siya has been kidnapped by some mysterious man. Siya is a diabetic patient and needs insulin from time to time. 

To save his child, kidnapper demands from the couple to execute killings, one by one. To connect the links with season 2, you also watch breathe season 1 on Amazon Prime Video. 

Special Ops

IMDB: 8.3

Story picked the pace when five terrorists were shot down on December 13, 2001, outside the Parliament.

What if you came to know that one of the five terrorists was killed by the sixth terrorist who was also present on that particular day? 

The Indian thriller series directed by Neeraj Pandey and Shivam Nair premiered on March, 17, 2020. The intelligence police officer of Research and Analysis Wing Himmat Singh played by Kay Kay Menon starts his mission with his five agents operating remotely from different corners of the world to hunt the sixth mastermind who was behind for several terrorist attacks. 

He monitored the operation and maintains contacts with his agents through special devices. Will they catch this sixth terrorist or what trouble he has to face putting operation to the final destination? Watch all episodes of Special Ops streaming on Disney Multiplex. 


IMDB: 7.7

ZEE5 continuously give big hits during the lockdown. The channel has come up with the various top-rated dramas in the last few months and now the directors and producers try their hands in a crime thriller “Lalbazaar”.

Lalbazaar is the story of the talented police officers of Kolkata that work in Lalbazaar police headquarters. The story shows how a team of iconic police officers enter the world of crime and solves murder mystery and various and life-threatening incidents happened regularly in Lalbazaar.

Its 10 gruesome episodes emphasize the increasing crime rate in the Lalbazaar and good and evil forces exist in society.


IMDB: 8.2

The popular Hindi web series Abhay season 2 released on the eve of Independence Day on 14 Aug 2020. Director Ken Ghosh is back again with its season 2 Abhay with a bang. In this season Kunal Kemmu takes you along a gory and gripping #Roadtojustice.

It is based on true events; the crime revolves around the Inspector Abhay Pratap Singh play as Kunal Kemmu with his criminal mastermind who can go to any extent to solve the case. Being involved in saving innocent lives and solving crimes, he is also dealing with his inner demons.

The series stars Ram Kapoor as the evil mastermind plays who creates mess and chaos in Abhay’s life. Ram Kapoor never has seen this character before. 

Chunky Pandey transformed from funny character to a serial killer criminal. The lustful murderer Bidita Bag plays as Sonali, 

The Sholay Girl seen as a sex worker. Watch all the episodes of interesting thriller series on Zee5


IMDB: 7.9

We are living in the 2020 century where men and women are equal. In various movies and web series, men can lead the show.

But director Ram Madhvani come with the series on June 19, 2020, which shows a woman leads the series and played many roles-mother, wife, and businesswomen same as in reality. 

It is based on Spanish Series Penoza by Pieter Bart Korthuis, Aarya series set in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Famous actress Sushmita Sen played the lead role. 

The story starts with Aarya played as Sushmita Sen father Zorawar who does the illegal business of exporting drugs in Jaipur. Due to increasing age, he is unable to handle the business and hands over to his family. 

Series pick up the pace when Tej (Aarya husband) is shot by a mysterious man during the deal and the three heroine bags go missing.

Aarya lives suddenly turn after this incident; undesirably she joins her father illegal business to find the truth and to save her family. 

How a carefree mother involves in illegal business and saves her family? Join Arya soon on the OTT platform Hotstar.

The Gone Game

IMDB: 8.4

The year 2020 turned into a nightmare due to Covid-19. All of a sudden life of many people turned upside down when the lockdown announced by the government with just four hours’ notice. 

Voot Select series released on August 20, 2020 reflects the reality of today’s troubled situations we are in.

The Gone Game thriller series shot during the lockdown directed by Nikhil Nagesh Bhat. 

It is a four-episode series that shot by the actors in their homes separately with limited equipment.

Set in March and revolves around the mysterious disappearance of the Sahil Gujral when he went under self-quarantine as he landed in India during the pandemic-induced lockdown. 

When the news reached his family, they have broken down with shock and assumes that he died due to Covid-19. The story took the sharp turn when Sahil’s sister’s Amara receives a call from Sahil’s phone and a worm of suspicion develops in Amara’s mind.

Will his sister Amara unravel the mystery around her brother’s death and find out the truth?


IMDB Rating: 9.0

Inspired by true events, the SonyLIV premium Hindi web series covers various important issues of the society such as corruption, improper justice for the underprivileged and less-powerful, and various others.

The murder-mystery starts with the investigation of the police officer murder in the Sunderbans West Bengal and reach to the northern part of India shows a man who is enjoying stage girls dance in a party and try to talk to her and as she refused, he shoots her and asks her men to take her to the hospital.

The ten episodes of the series show interesting mysteries that you never watch on the television screen before.

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