Horror movies may be scary but they are equally fun to watch. Prey for the Devil was released in theatres today and it is the perfect film to watch this Halloween!

Prey for the Evil

Halloween is almost here and the spooky month of October is incomplete without some new horror movie releases. Prey for the Devil is a supernatural horror movie released in theatres today, and you might not want to miss watching it if you are a fan of horror movies.

Prey for the Devil is a supernatural horror story and its director is Daniel Stamm. It was written by Robert Zappia.

The horror movie was filmed in 2020 and it is the last movie starring Ben Cross. Actor Ben Cross passed away a few days before wrapping up the movie and this movie is in a way a tribute to him.

Prey for the Devil was released in theatres all across the US today, i,e on 28 October 2022. The movie dropped at the right time with Halloween just around the corner. So, you might want to know a thing or two before grabbing your popcorn to watch the movie.

The supernatural horror movie was originally called The Devil’s Light before sticking with Prey for the Devil. It was scheduled to release on January 2021, however, the release was postponed to February 2022. The horror movie finally managed to release in the theatres a few days before Halloween which makes me believe that everything happens for a reason.

The Storyline of Prey for the Devil

The story of Prey for the Devil follows the opening of catholic schools. The Roman Catholic Church hopes to fight against an increase in demonic possessions across the globe by reopening schools to prepare priests to perform exorcisms. You will be able to see a twist in this horror movie although women are not allowed to perform exorcisms.

Sister Ann is remarkably talented. So, she gets the opportunity of a lifetime to be trained for doing exorcism. Sister Ann gets the chance to join catholic school of exorcisms despite the fact that nuns are not allowed to do so.She has to fight the demon that has been tormenting a little girl. While fighting off the demon, she realizes that the demon she is dealing with is the same demon that plagued her own mother many years later.

Prey for the Devil also explored the intricate and convoluted bond between Sister Ann and her mother. Watch the supernatural horror movie directed by Daniel Stamm to see how Sister Ann fights the demons of her past this Halloween.

The Cast of the Supernatural horror movie directed by Daniel Stamm

The cast of Prey for the Devil is enthralling and exciting! The amazing cast of the supernatural horror movie brings the plot of the film to life. Jacqueline Byers is playing Sister Ann, the main lead in the supernatural horror movie. She has played roles in television series such as Bad Samaritan, Ordinary Days, Salvation, Timeless, and many more.

Debora Zhecheva plays the role of young Sister Ann in the horror movie.

Colin Salmon plays the role of Father Quinn. Father Quinn is Ann’s professor. You will see Christian Navarro as Father Dante and Virginia Madsen as Dr. Peters in the horror movie.

The cast of the horror movie Prey for the Devil also includes Colin Salmon, Ben Cross, Christian Navarro, Lisa Palfrey, Nicholas Ralph, and Virginia Madsen. 

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Trailer of Prey for the Devil

You might be wanting to watch the trailer of Prey for the Devil if you are intrigued by the storyline of the horror movie.

Prey for the Devil

The first trailer of the movie released on July 2022. You can see a team of priests and one nun, i.e, Sister Ann at the St. Michael the Archangel School of Exorcism. You can see the team of exorcists preparing themselves to fight a demon that has been jumping from one body to another and possessing different bodies. You can watch the first trailer of Prey for the Devil here.

The second trailer of the horror movie was released shortly after on September 2022 and you can see Sister Ann talking to a little girl who is possessed and reminiscing about the past. She is also seen attending the school of exorcism where she is the only woman. You can watch the second trailer of Prey for the Devil to get a sneak peek into the horror film.

When is the horror movie set?

The production of Prey for the Devil started in 2020 in Sofia, Bulgaria. Prey for the Devil is set in the present day. This is in contrary to the majority of horror and exorcism stories, which are generally set in the past. Although the supernatural horror film’s timeline isn’t expressly mentioned, it is clear from the trailer that the most of the action takes place in the present.

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Where to watch Prey for the Devil?

Prey for the Devil released in theatres on 28 October 2022. Right now, you cannot find horror movies on online streaming platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, or HBO Max. So, the only way to watch the new supernatural horror film could be to go to the theatres and watch it.

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